Third-Party App Notifications on Your Pebble Watch - If You Jailbreak

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    With the Pebble smart watch now making its the way into the hands of Kickstarter backers who funded the project with over $10 million, users are looking for ways to increase the functionality of the device.

    As noted by iDownloadBlog, developer Conrad Kramer has created a new app for jailbroken iPhones that can push notifications from any Notification Center-enabled iOS app to Pebble. The expanded notifications mark a significant improvement in utility over the standard set of notifications supported through Apple's official tools.
    Users on iOS 6 interested in trying out the expanded functionality with their Pebbles will need to jailbreak their devices using the new evasi0n jailbreak tool and download BTNotificationEnabler from the Cydia marketplace.

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    Article Link: Third-Party App Notifications on Your Pebble Watch - If You Jailbreak
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    Can't wait to get my pebble!
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    Feed Me

    I think I'd rather just not buy one of these useless things in the first place...
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    I have my Pebble and already get updates from Instagram, Tweetbot, and a bunch of third-party apps without jailbreaking. Almost everything that pops up on the lockscreen as a push notifications. You just have to reset the notifications in the settings.
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    That's good to hear it already works. Can't wait to get mine.
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    Thanks for your useless opinion on the subject.
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    What a brick! :eek:
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    that is not an arm, but a piece of foam.
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    That is definitely an arm!
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    I'm disarmed by this and reassured that it's harmless.

    We still have a constitutional right to bare arms after all.
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    Haha I had to do a double take :)
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    Least I'm not the only one that thinks these are silly. I feel they will go the way of the bluetooth earpiece, great for a small segment of people, but for the majority they'll just look foolish.
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    Bluetooth earpiece usage is widespread where I live. It's also a basic requirement if you make calls in your car and don't have in-car Bluetooth.
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    I have tested this with my MetaWatch and is working correctly.

    The latest update to BTNotificationEnabler now allows you to select per-app which notifications you wish to push via BT. Pretty cool.

    Also, with the price of free, happy with that.
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    I just got my pebble yesterday. I am only getting text notifications. How do you reset the notifications in the settings? just turn them on and off again?
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    Reset the notifications in the settings? Care to elaborate please?

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