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"this account disabled for security reasons"

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Quad 2.5 G5 =), May 11, 2009.

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    2 years ago, I got $30 in iTunes Gift Cards. I spent those, and I used the account for iPod Touch app downloads. Then my friend tried to d/l new apps from the iPod, but he didn't know the password. Now I can't login to the account, it says something like "this account disabled for security reasons"
    I wasn't what to do, so I e-mailed the iTunes help people and they said that you could reset the password.
    I went to the link that the person gave me, and it asked for my B-Day so I could reset it, but I had input a random date when I opened the account 2+ years ago, and the account was a .Mac trial account, so I can't use it to email me the password.
    I never downloaded offensive or explicit content on that account and I don't have a credit card keyed to that account.
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    It sounds like there is nothing you can do. If you made up the info when you registered, and no longer have the email address, then there is really no way to get the account back.
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    Darn..i could guess the B-day that I put...so maybe I could get it back.
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    That might be your only hope.
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    Otherwise, call them and explain the whole fiasco and see if there's anything they can do for you....

    And next time, don't be so 1336. ;) I mean, putting in a fake birthday to register at some random website is one thing, but fake b-day'ing Apple or any other site you're buying stuff from doesn't make much sense....
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    1336? I see that now, that I shouldn't have done that, but now I will just guess the b-day now and hope 4 the best =)
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    Sounds like you just won't/can't follow instructions. Why did your friend
    try repeatedly to use your account without the password. Why didn't you
    just follow instructions when enabling the account. At some point,
    you must just take responsibility for poor decisions.

    I'd get my friend to reimburse me.
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    The account was out of money, before the incident, so I didn't lose any money and this birthday thing happened 3 years ago.
    I am not blaming anybody or Apple, I am just trying to fix the mistake that I made.
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    I'd still just call them, unless you actually have a list of fake birthdays you use to guess from...
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    There is a good reason, and it is to improve security. Birthdays and Mother's Maiden Names are so easy to find, and when combined with other easily-obtainable information, cracking an account by exploiting such weaknesses can be easy.

    Social Security numbers, for example, are very insecure. Social Security numbers should only be used for Social Security, and nothing else. But because they are used for electronic accounts, login passwords, school records, billing records, driver's licenses, and anything else that supposedly requires "identity verification", there is no security on the stupid numbers anymore.
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    While true, if you are going to use a fake birthday for that reason, it still makes sense to at least remember it, or use some other date of importance ...
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    LOL...i don't have a list.

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