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This device is not registered as part...

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by rrwrrw, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I keep trying to activate my iPhone 4s on iOS 6 and keep getting the message "We're unable to complete your activation. This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program." I added the Device ID to the provisioning portal, but it isn't working.

    Does this mean the server is down or that I have done something wrong when adding the Device ID?
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    It's going to take a while.
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    So, is it probably the activation server then?
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    Jessica Lares

    Did you copy and paste your UDID correctly?
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    Yep. I was just wondering if this is the message that you get when the activation server is not working.
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    Please help. Does anyone have the answer?
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    Come on guys. Can someone please take two seconds and help?
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    if you did everything right, i wouldn't panic until a few more hours pass bc it seems that the servers are not responding for some right now. I activated my phone earlier today and it went smoothly. I've now tried doing someone else's and it's saying it's not registering so i'm assuming it's a server issue.
  10. Haugum, Jun 12, 2012
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    Same thing happened to me, didn't work for hours. Then I put my iPhone into DFU, connected it to iTunes and restored to 5.1.1. When my iPhone was running 5.1.1, I connected it to iTunes and updated (NOT restored) to 6.0 by alt-clicking the update button and choosing my .ipsw file.

    1. Enter DFU
    2. Restore to 5.1.1 in iTunes
    3. Alt-click update (not restore!) and choose your .ipsw (For Windows: Shift-click update).
    4. Profit.
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    Was that the exact error message you were getting as well?
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    Getting the same error. I restored straight from iOs5.0 to 6
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    This works great! However for windows users its SHIFT and click UPDATE.
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    Thank you!!! I assumed the servers were getting hammered and I would just have to wait it out... I am trying as soon as I get home! Thanks again!

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