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This iBook is a MESS.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Daveway, Oct 7, 2005.

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    Someone dropped this iBook off to me this week to look at it because it was slow.
    I think this iBook has more than a slow problem. Not only is it slow which will be easy to fix, but it has HD errors up the yang, takes forever to boot, and has the most odd video problem. The S# indicates that it was eligible for the logic board replacement but I think that has since expired.
    I also got a darwin login error with a command line.
    -800mhz G3
    -combo, 30gb
    Here's some video and a pic of the error.
    Login Error
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    looks like you are dealing with some pretty serious hardware issues. My first guess with all those symptoms would indeed be that logic board.

    --now its just a matter of whether you want to spend the time and resources to get it fixed. Hope it all works out alright, and ps, if you can back anything up, I would do that as soon as possible
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    I don't think it belongs to him. From what he said I believe he is repairing it for someone else. Or am I wrong?
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    Its not mine, but it was already an understanding that I would reformat, increase the ram, and order a new keyboard.

    This is a new issue.

    SN: UV2131....
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    Phone Apple and see if they'll fix the logic board. It IS faulty, and it WAS covered by their logic board program. I don't think that should expire, as it was an admission by Apple that there was a quality issue.
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    According to the link at Apple here. :

    I guess it depends on when it was originally purchased. It wouldn't hurt to ask Apple.
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    It's weird to see a computer going completely crazy as in that video. I can't even remember the last time any computer I have owned has acted up.
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    That iBook is F*@%$# Up! :eek:
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    It would certainly be a good idea to give Apple a call. Good luck with your friends iBook. ;)
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    According to LowEndMac, the 800mhz G3 iBooks were introduced in Nov 2002. That means, if it is the logic board, it's eligible for the repair. But you'd need to get that looked at before the end of the month.

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    Wow! May my new ibook never come across that problem.

    Yeah, I would totally call Apple. If they give you any guff, have iGary do it for you (he's good at getting his way from the customer service industry)
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    What a strange picture.
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    I'm on hold with tech support right now. Looks like they'll be able to replace the logic board for me.
    And he doesn't sound Indian, go figure. :)
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    I remember when my G3 Wallstreet did that. It was a bad screen... not a bad logic board. :eek:

    Good luck!

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