This is a damn good deal...

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by Nipsy, Dec 14, 2002.

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    Damn. that is nice... if only i had the money
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    That is a VERY good deal, Apple really need to do something about their current LCD line up and their pricing.
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    Holy cannolli! :eek:

    It's even the good stuff, with DVI, composite, and S-Video inputs. Wow. That is amazing for only $900. Now if only it was wall-mountable...

    I still like my wall-mounted 17" Cornea monitor with built in TV-Tuner (plus all of the above inputs), available for $550 (
    But, hey, if Dell or someone else makes a VESA-standard wall-mountable 20"+ screen, that might be my next monitor purchase! My existing VESA-standard wall mount can supposedly hold up to 35 lbs, so Dell's 25 lb. 20" screen would be fine if only it had wall mounting hardware....

    Here's the wall mount I use:

    It's sweet. My monitor/TV looks like it's floating in space when I look at it head-on. Maybe when I get around to buying a digital camera I'll post a pic of my setup....
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    Does anybody make "Wide Screen" LCDs that are affordable? If I ever get a tower, I want to get an LCD (getting sick of CRTs) but I want WIDESCREEN! :D
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    Narly Nifty Nipsy!

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