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this is a scam, right?

Discussion in 'Community' started by WannabeSQ, Jun 4, 2003.

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    I saw this as a paid ad while googling for jobs

    paid surveys online

    It costs like $35 or so, sounds like a huge scam, but if it isn't, it sounds like a great way to get some extra income. Anyone here have any experience? Or is anyone a lawyer and knows it is fake?
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    Well, she's using an iBook so that's good.

    But it seems strange, you pay $36 to sign up and then they pay you per survey.
    Why wouldn't they just make you do some surveys to pay them off.
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    I'd be careful if I were you...

    Sounds like a real scam even if it's legit. If they really are in need of people to take their surveys they won't charge a processing fee. Processing fees/Membership fees are some of the oldest scams in the book (I think).

    Makes me a feel a little bit sad when I see such things. I tried emailing to one of these groups one time just out of curiousity and got a hostile response. They didn't think people would actually email them, I suppose.

    It's your call, but I'd beware.

    If looking for new avenues for revenue, what about selling goods on ebay? Don't a lot of people make their living that way now? Just a thought.

    Best of luck! :D
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    friend of mine started selling computer memory on ebay.. he started getting direct contacts for memory and he gets them cheaper than you can get at stores and stuff... he decided he wanted to make only $4 profit per stick of RAM and he's doing well now.. he's partnered with another guy and they fill 100s of orders a day now... you do the math...
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    It has all the symptoms... low entry fee -"only" $36, pyramid tactics, uses spam, too-good-to-be-trueness, claims that you can quit your real job and work at home all day in your Pjs and an FAQ that doesn't answer anything and even includes the question "is this a scam?" and answers with an enthusiastic "no!"

    If you have to ask, it probably is. I imagine you get in the door for $36 and find that the only way to "really make money" is to:

    a) refer friends and others (pyramid scheme)

    b) pay them more (like $500) for a more "advanced" survey program where the "real money" is. (incremental scams, common amongst "invention programmes")
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    aren't you guys getting scammed right now??? why does the link that was posted go to :


    anytime you have a ? - it usually indicates that a certain user is getting "credit" for how many "hit" they can get to the site... hmm.... way to go
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    I get numerous E.mails about getting paid for my opinion. I believe that if it's legitimate you shouldn't have to pay them. Our local consumer reporters always say, that if a company is asking for money up front walk away!
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    That's sad.

    If that's true, than WannabeSQ's just blown their credibility on this board as far as I am concerned. They could have simply asked and I would have still gone to check out the site to help out. I think a lot of people here would have done so.

    When you trick someone into doing something when they would be willing to do it anyway, I think it shows that the deceiver demonstrates a lack of faith in other people. And it's a sign of disrespect.

    Not nice.

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    I participated in a couple of online surveys a few years ago and made about $20/survey I qualified for. I only qulified for 2 in a year though.
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    hmm, a possibility - chances are its just the site logging referers so they can keep track of which sites that they advertise with send them the most traffic. A question mark indicates the beginning of a query string when you use dynamic web languages - use them all the time in my programming to pass data from one page to another.

    For example:
    ...links to a particular news story in the database, but:
    ...links to the entire news archive.
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    my mom signed up for Tammadge Market Research focus groups. it's not online, which is, i guess, safer, but we also only qualify once in a blue moon. but the one time i did, i got 75$ to drive to downtown Austin and discuss posters for an hour with a bunch of other teenagers. it was great pocket cash.
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    It was from a paid ad from Google, im sure thats why the question mark was there. They also have an "affiliate program" which makes it into a pyramid scheme.

    Thanks for the opinions. I think you guys are right, this shouldn't be a pay up front service, they should take a commission, or a finders fee from whoever we take a survey from.

    BTW, anyone know how to do these types of things without paying up front? It sounds like fun.
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    http://myoffers.com is kinda like that, only you enter surveys and get entered into competitions. Loads of people have won loads of stuff. Once you've filled in a few surveys, all you have to do is click on the stuff you want to win and you get entered since all the comps are run by only a couple of survery companies.
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    The online surveys that I do participate, membership was free. All that I earn is Hi Points, don't know if I will ever use them. The Harris & Zogby Poll are for statistical purposes only.
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    at least online surveys aren't as annoying as phone calls. i swear we must get a million calls from gallup and people like them every single week
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    I'm sorry to hear that übergeek. Have you put you phone number on a do not call list? The calls we get are usually asking for donations, maybe once a couple times month!
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    That "service" sounds like a load of b.s. I'd suggest you stay away!

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