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This is incredibly cool

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Stojamow, Nov 12, 2003.

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    Thanks Phil Of Mac of your answer

    Check this out BUT only pages 12 and 13

    It is done. I ordered my very first Mac today. They told me that it might take 3-4 weeks to get it. Fine.

    I bought an other thing as well. The AVID program. I was reading the manual when I found out something what was quite amusing.

    The manual tells you i.e. how to prepare your drives. Tutorial for Windows took page after page after page. How about Mac? Well, it was half page long - stop.


    Looks pretty promising...
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    Is it 10.2.8 or 10.3 I get when my new PB arrives ?!? :)
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    OSX 10.3
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    Just got my powerbook last week. Only had 10.2.8, had to order the upgrade cd's from apple.
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    Re: This is incredibly cool

    Get used to this -- if you love tinkering and finally getting something to work, get ready for disappointment ( ;) ).

    But seriously, this is something that I look at all the time and get a warm fuzzy feeling every time there's an 11-step installation for windows and a 3-step one for Mac. (BTW, one of those steps is usually "turn it on" and another is "plug it in"!). :D :cool:
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    The manual for Avid says that I have to have classic system folder to be seen in my system before I install

    1) is it a complicated process?!?

    2) What is this folder anyway ?

    OK - the computer is still on its way, but I like to prepare myself as well as possible.

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    Probably it just means that classic (a emulator level of apples previous system9) has to be installed (it's a system folder). Avid probably has some drivers in their program which utilize old system 9 extensions.

    You can select to install classic from your installation cd's when you pop them in.

    Take care
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    u dont need to install classic i guess...i got my ibook few weeks back..it has panther. but when i play warcraft battlenet(which uses classic) classic automatically starts running...it just showz a message that classic is running....when u quit the game ...classic goes....welcome to mac...


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    and stojamow...what does ur signature mean
    if this sentence was six words shorter it would be eight words long???


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    Re: This is incredibly cool

    So i guess... "YOUR NOT DONE HERE" eh?

    glad to see your finally convinced :D ;)
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    This would be wonderful indeed.

    I just figured out my opportunities:

    Avid states on its own honepage that they currently support OS X 10.2.4 to 10.2.8 which is a little bit confusing as the manual says that I need OS X 10.1.4 or later + classic system folder has to be present....

    1) The Powerbook ships with 10.2.8 and everything is fine.

    2) The Powerbook ships with 10.3 which great but in the meantime I have to buy OS X Jaguar (£87) install it to my computer and visit the Apple's download centre and download an upgrade file to make it 10.2.8.

    Heh, I will give it a try with 10.3 anyway before I order 10.2 as it takes only 24h to ship...

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    If there is problems in grammar please let me know. What I try to say is 14 - 6 = 8

    No more meaning. I think my signature has finally made kind a point... and you saved my day as it is quite gloomy day here today :)
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    ho ho...goood one...excellent grammar too..:D
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    week and half behind while waiting my Mac to arrive.

    I visited Mac Expo UK today.

    I took part to some of the seminars and it was increadibly cool on the whole. :D
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    This is getting REALLY exciting. I just received a call from the local Apple Centre and they told me that my Powerbook is there waiting for me....

    I will post about my first impressions later on this week.

    Written probably by Mac... how that old slogan goes:

    "I am writing this by a Mac and I ??? using Macs."

    What is the word placed to that sentence will be told later on this week....

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    OK - here is my first impressions....

    1) I started to become suspious as everything started to happen too easily as connecting external hardware etc.

    2) I started to realize that this is the case with this OS - no extra hazzle. True "plug and play" system

    3) I installed my editing software. Macusers who are using the same software have told that it is very unstable under 10.3. The same was told by the manufacturer - I gave it a try anyway and found it more stable than editing under windows. It crashed sometimes but not that much as under Windows with proper configurations.

    4) I started to ask myself why in the earth I have not given a try to these machines earlier.

    5) At the moment the bottom line is that if things do stay as good as they are at the moment I do use Macs as long as I can do my job with them...

    6) I have not faced any of the problems discussed like the problem with the display... (knock the wood)

    So far so good :D
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    Welcome "Home"
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    don't macs just give you a warm fuzzy feeling? i'm being serious. they look far more pretty (gui and hardware) and they are not problem free but are far closer to that than windows could even imagine being. I hope you enjoy your mac to the fullest.
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    bahaha. well there ya go. Awesome. Well done on your purchase.
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    So far so true....

    The funny thing is that I have started to was my hands before using my computer and requesting everybody else to do so. I never did it with the Windoze machines :D

    Some serious questions:

    1) How to uninstall unwanted software ?

    2) What would you recommend for harddrive maintenance ? Norton, Disk Warrior ... ?!?

    Thanks !
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    1. To delete an app completely do a search for it and find all its components then simply drag them all to the trash.

    2. Best disk tool I have used under osx is Drive 10 or Tech Tool Pro (same company makes both) Norton sucks in comparison.
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    OK - thanks for the answer...

    I was testing the iMovie today.

    I have just about 128 video clips (about 10Gb) captured and a sequence which is roughly 7 minutes long.

    Now: the PB tells me that the system is too slow as I tried to record voiceover. Is it just about the amount of clips or what ?!?

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    OK problem solved.

    As I had just so much footage on the "clip board" it ramped the system down. As I restarted the computer and created a new project everything worked fine.

    Now, something funny has started to happen. Some of my friends who have been hard windoze users have started to think buying a Powerbook after they made themselves familiar with my laptop.

    The laptop itself looks great + I have Nokia 6220 [ more details ] so I can surf the web faster than they can with their LAN connetions (Nokia can go up to 472Kb per second) :D

    So far so good...
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    Been a while since I piped in, but welcome. Interesting isn't it? Not so difficult to understand the passion we have for the platform now that you are using it right?

    My own two bits on your questions:

    1. Drag the Application to trash. That's it. Also all of your applications should be in your "Applications" folder, or some client folder thereof (I find that nice in comparison to where Windows puts things). To delete most apps, this is all you need to do. There will be Preference files (.plist in HD/Users/[you]/Library/Preferences), but those are teensy little XML files that you really don't have to worry about.

    2. I use DiskWarrior personally. It's slim, and it can fix things I can't believe. It's known as "the tool the techs carry in their back pocket". One thing: In order for you to need DiskWarrior, or TechTool's repair utilities, you would have had to really beat up on your system. In other words, 90% of your usage should never need these tools, but it's nice to have them just in case.
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    That's not completely true, but generally OK. There are instances where not deleting all prefs for something you trash might crash an associated program. For example, I am a Logic user, and I had downloaded a demo of a program that can work in conjunction with Logic. The program sucked, so I trashed it. From that point until I purged my system of all remaining files (prefs) associated with the program I trashed, Logic would frequently crash on startup and give me the grey screen of death in the process ( crashed the whole system). Once again, it generally is cool to just trash an app, but it can (rarely) cause complications.

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