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This is really going to annoy the Kiwis.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Chundles, Jul 18, 2006.

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    So, we don't let them use our store despite the fact that the vast majority music distribution contracts signed here in Aus cover NZ as well yet the AU iTMS decides it would be good to promote the wonders of NZ music.

    And it is very, very good but how about letting our funny neighbours to the east be able to download it too??

    New Zealand Now???

    How about "New Zealand Now!!!"
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    mad jew

    Their music is just five-year-old remakes of our tunes anyway...

    ...So they maybe they'll get the store in five years... Hmm... :confused:
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    But they are better at Rugby that you :p and us for that matter
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    But we just beat the Poms again. Twice. And thrashed the Saffas too.
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    Hence the invisitext. I know we're crap right now. Pacing ourselves as I like to think of it :)
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    mad jew


    But you guys are better at English... :p
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    Yeah, alright. Next time I'll post after I finish my first latte of the day. :eek:
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    Still waiting...

    Tell me about it, I used to live in Australia for 5 years and just after I returned to New Zealand they bring the store online.
    (I still have a AUS credit card) ;)

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