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This is what I would do with Apple..

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Recoil, Dec 26, 2002.

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    Dual 2Ghz PowerPC 970
    1Ghz DDR2 Ram 128-bit or 256-bit
    1Ghz Bus
    Serial ATA150 with 4 ports
    Hypertransport north/south bridges
    Redesigned sound
    8X AGP
    Firewire 800
    USB 2.0
    two independent Ethernet controllers
    Run it all on hypertransport

    Price 1999.99 without the monitor.
    If anyone at apple comes here and reads the forum. This is what you need to do! I'm not kidding. This is what people want to see. If I was in control at apple I would have this out at the start of the summer. This would take apple to another level,but then I woke up. The truth is, Apple can not take it to another level. They will always be at 5% of the market and no higher.
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    Sounds dreamy.
    I want one
    w/ a 100 MHz bus.
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    Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    People might want to see it, but you realize its actually impossible right. The 970 doesn't exist yet. When it does, its scheduled to debut at 1.8 ghz. Apple has absolutely no control over this. They would be putting out a lot of this if it wasn't for other parties involved.

    That said, apple definiltey has some room to make their machines much more competitive, particularly in the pro market. Some of the things you suggest should be on the powermacs, and I rather suspect they will be soon enough. Some of its a pipe dream though.
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    Re: This is what I would do with Apple..


    I dont think this is really what the "general populace" wants. I think Apple is definately on track with their concept of the digital hub for the consumer market (the corporate market, the real moneymaker, is a totally different, stodgy story). The populace wants a computer that's stable, runs all the programs they want (which is mostly Internet Browsing, IM services, Office, email, and increasingly programs like iPhoto and iMovie for family things) and is the best for the price point. What kind of programs would even require the processing power you describe? Games and Maya, that's about all I can think of. With all that raw power, its just pure overkill for what applications and hardware are out now. I can transfer full D1 quality video on my reconditioned Powerbook 500 that was made in April 2000, and I'm happy. I think a lot of people tend to forget that computers are made tools for doing what you want (I personally love the Mercedes comparison in the link above).

    Apple is a company that (I think) is happy with their market share, as long as they can continue to be innovators and risk takers. They like what they're doing, and yes need to back up on the innovation to survive around that 5% margin. BUT they are helping people explore their own capibilities. Personally I believe that Macs should be standard campus fare. I always wondered if OS X was also a sneaky attempt to get apple hardware into places that run engineering/sciencey programs that traditionally ran on unix boxes.

    But anyways, with my Powerbook, right out of the box, I can:

    Edit D1 quality video
    run a webserver
    Manage a photo album collection
    Manage a music collection, rip CDs etc
    Browse the internet
    get Mail
    Use an IM service
    program in C/Perl (with devTools)

    Do i need Dual 2gig processors to do all that? No. Am I happy with what I have? Most definately.

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    my own personal dream for MWSF

    Just for fun, my own dream for Apple...

    Apple announces a partnership with Cisco systems and Sprint PCS (or the appropriate innovators in Broadband/Wireless networking) to develop OS X and Apple hardware as platforms for "communications hardware", meaning tablet PCs that run on a nationwide wireless network. The PCs all run on OS X and have integrated IM, mail, file transfer and storage and sharing (linked through SQL type or iTunes type file management databases), video conferencing and voice conferencing and whiteboard, and internet browsing capibilities.

    the name could be iReach.

    the central model of PC computing is slowly dying....
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    It's always nice to dream.

    I would love to get a tower in the next few months. I'm afraid it will fall short of these specs.
  7. arn
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    Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    While you have the ability to create things out of thin air... why not a Gazzilion Ghz PPC and price it at $1?

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    Re: Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    I have to agree with Arn here. I mean, apple tries its best to
    satisfy customers, when they know they are behind in many
    categories. They want to produce a 'Gazzilion GHz PPC' just
    as much as we want one, but them reading about how much
    we want it isn't going to make it possible. Don't expect that
    computer till a while from now. :(
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    This is for the MacWorld in 2004 right?
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    Ouch. That'd be painful.

    What's the point of slapping it on 100 MHz bus when it can do 900 MHz? :p
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    Hi, merry christmas to you all!!
    What about having a better bus drive.
    I think it makes a big difference and if you watch the (argghhh) pc world you will see how fast the bus drives have become.
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    Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    Price is the only major backup for people, i mean it is the most powerful reason for not getting a Mac.
    At least that is what my thesis about Apple is showing up.
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    OK, how about this one...

    iBook enclosure, but no screen (keyboard on top), no battery or trackpad, enlarged to fit regular 3.5" hard drives.
    CD-ROM and 20GB hard drive.
    128MB RAM.
    1.2 GHz Sahara G3.
    Mobile Radeon graphics chipset with 32MB VRAM, VGA video connector only.
    USB, Firewire, Ethernet.
    Price? $399.
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    this kind of topic..

    I'm afraid I have to say this kind of topic is quite useless, as arn has mentioned..

    Lets be realistic with the pricing and the specs and what people really need.
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    Re: OK, how about this one...

    I might be into something like this... but it would cost more...maybe $599.
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    Re: Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    That isn't as true anymore. Any comparible PC laptop to the TiBook is well over $2000 as well. And the iBook at $999 has no competition. PowerMacs...you may have a point. Alot of times you are paying for Apple's aesthetics...and that is no different from any other product on the market when it comes to price. If you like the pretty one, most of the time you spend more $$$.
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    Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    Hahahahahaha...Yea right. Im sure all of the RnD for this type of integration you could do in your spare time too right??
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    Re: Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    My thesis about macmax is showing up (Whatever the heck that means. I'll bet your thesis is just chock full of nice little grammar ditties like this) is that macmax is a tightwad.
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    Re: Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    I'm in the bioresearch field and we often run a simple software that search for pattern in DNA matrix. We use macs and PC. Average time for a search could take second or days (even weeks). Unfortunately, the search we like to perform often takes days. I like a computer that can reduce this time down to say several hours.

    On the home front, I would love to edit my video intelligently. For example, turning the light down in a scene to make it look more gloomy than it really is, but at the same time keep the bright light focus on the subject. This simple thing can be easily envision in our minds, but takes lots of interface interactions and only the pros in Hollywood can do. I want computer that respond and do human commands. I don't want to use a mouse to edit a pic using Photoshop 10 or 20 years from now. I want the computer to interact with me to make the photo better without the fuss and time (sort of like working with a super fast Photoshop pro, but it is my computer). I want to be able to play the net version of SIM that possess extraordinary graphics and sounds that can be mistaken for the real thing.

    obstaclelobster and all those that thinks computers and communication infrastructure today can do these things. Show it to me.

    "apple is happy with 5% market share"....What is the F**Kin point of running a business just to survive? If you yearn for state run factories, may I suggest emmigrating to say Cuba or North Korea or Vietnam
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    Re: Re: Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    I don't rellly see the connection between 5% market share and state run factories. DO you really think 5% market share is just "surviving". thats a lot of business. Enough busienss that several manufaturers would kill to have it, in all sorts of markets. 5% is pretty good. apple has publically said it thinks it can double its market share, and whether true or not, thats what they are working towards. They don't seem to have any designs on getting huge, and good for that. There's something to be said for a smaller company thats profitable and nimble, rather than a giant that is bogged down and loses money. Whats the point of large market share if you aren't making money? Isn't that, afteralll, what america and capitalism is about. the state run factories of the countries you mention control a lot more and don't make near as much money probably.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    Most companies are in constant state of advance or decline in market share in addition to changing economic conditions. As an investor, I want to see them expand, but the bottom line is increase profit. Huge company does not always equate to large profit.
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    Re: This is what I would do with Apple..

    Oh yeah? If I were in charge at Apple I would have a 5Ghz Quad Processor Powermac for $999 that includes 2 monitors out before the end of the week.

    Take that!
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    Re: OK, how about this one...


    Why didn't I think of that? ...

    That's like seriously a good idea. Just... a keyboard with a slot-loading CD-RW drive, make it 256 RAM (SDRAM is like 2 dollars nowadays, especially for Apple I'm sure), 1ghz G3, mobile radeon, hm.. with whatever connecters you need for apple's flatpanels. A keyboard computer + flatpanel would be the most attractive system in existance. 2 USB, 1 firewire, ethernet.

    Hm.. I don't see why they couldn't do that for 699. Now if they could hit 599... it would be crazy popular. A very fast computer for the price, and with the most astounding form factor in the history of computers. At only 699, who cares if you cannot upgrade it. Throw it away in 3 years and get another one.

    Let's face it... how cool would it be to run OS X and play Ghost Recon on your keyboard? haha
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    Re: Re: OK, how about this one...

    A PC like this already exists. I can't remember where I saw it, but I know I did see something like that a few months back.
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    Re: Re: Re: OK, how about this one...

    Yeah it exsists, and it did soooo long ago, at least in its concept form....the Amiga. And the previous Commodores. And now some cheapo PC place is making them for the space-concious crowd.

    Decent idea, but a headless iMac would be better I think. Dumb it down a little to save some $.

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