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This 'Ive OS 7' thing...

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ItsWelshy, Jun 10, 2013.

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    I’m really hoping that no one is really expecting iOS7 to be influenced very much if at all by Jony Ive.

    Anyone who understands the development lifecycle will know that Ive’s influence over this iOS version will be very limited, he’s only been in charge of design since Christmas.

    I can see many on here being disappointed if there is a major, major overhaul, where everything looks completely different.

    I’d expect some minor changes to the basic UI that Ive has implemented, but to say he’s had enough time to do anything major is extremely ignorant, and heaping way too much expectation on what he can deliver in such a small space of time. I would imagine that he’s had a backlog or developments already in progress in dev sprints and had little room for change

    I’d expect a more ‘Ive style OS’ to be in iOS8 or even iOS9

    No Ive bashing after the conference please!

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    Did you take your medication yet? JUST wait 2 more hours left until we can judge then.
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    Did you read my post? I'm saying that a lot are placing this iOS update as Ive's. it's not.
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    Except WSJ (which we all know is a controlled leak) has already said it will be a complete redesign. If any functionality changes, that had nothing to do with Forstall or Ive anyway, and it would have been in development long ago.
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    What do you mean exactly? A complete redesign with a flat interface is completely contradictory to your original post. If WSJ is correct, that means Ive's influence is definitely all over iOS.
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    You've clearly ignored ALL rumors suggesting the exact opposite of what you propose. I'll believe the Wall Street Journal over you, thanks.
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    There won't ever be a complete redesign.

    It till be a refinement, and it will probably be a bit "flatter", to use everybodies favourite word right now.

    Look at OSX, its looked the same for over 10 years.

    If Apple completely redesign it today, then what? Redesign it again in 5 years when everybody is "bored" of that?

    Think about it this way: Imagine you're Mum one day updates her iPhone, that she loves and knows how to use, and paid a lot of money for, and it looks completely different. Will she be happy with that?
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    I think something has been lost in translation here.

    Is English your first language?
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    I think it will be only slightly 'flattened' i.e. removal of gloss, subduing of shadows. Icons will be similar to current incarnations but some may be refreshed. The leather bits etc will be gone and replaced with blacks, greys and whites. I'm not sure about the Ultra Light Helvetica. I know we have Retina screens now but type that light can cause problems in print and at small sizes on screen.

    If a Windows user with a crappy screen and Windows crap font rendering visits Apples website with a view of checking out Apple stuff to possibly switch, with Ultra Light Helvetica they are going to have a crappy experience and be possibly turned off.

    The UltraLight type will have to be supported by a heavier weight in some instances which could possibly make everything feel a bit disjointed as heavier type usually sits higher in the hierarchy.

    I hope they pull it off though.
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    Fancy a small bet?

    Nothing fundamental will change, grid system with minor changes, maybe new icons.


    Completely agree, brilliant post.

    Could someone tell me the last time a major OS was ‘Completely overhauled’ ?

    Unless ‘Completely overhauled’ means changing the icons and small evolutions and improvement in functionality?

    I’m hoping for one thing… and it’s strange one… I’d like iMessage to be added to iCloud, so I can message from my work PC without picking up my phone.
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    Austin M.

    I'm really in shock by the people who think Jony Ive has no influence in iOS 7. DID YOU NOT WATCH THE D11 interview with Tim Cook? He said it himself that Ive was a MASSIVE influence!
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    Define fundamental.
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    You think he can be a massive influence on software since Christmas? maybe for iOS8, not a chance for iOS7.


    A complete redesign, as in, removing the grid system from iOS and changing the way it works.

    Windows 8 is probably the closest you'd come, but even that retained the well know desktop.


    A complete redesign, as in, removing the grid system from iOS and changing the way it works.

    Windows 8 is probably the closest you'd come, but even that retained the well know desktop.
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    I am glad that you are privy to the inner workings of Apple and have a complete understanding of who was influencing what and when.

    Just because Ive officially moved to a role at a certain date does not forgo the possibility of him having an influence elsewhere prior to that. Or that Apple was generally preparing to move in this direction prior to his appointment.

    Think outside your little world just for a second. And for what it's worth, a surface level re-skinning alone with no structural changes could conceivably be pulled off in 6 months.

    I agree that we'll get a new skin. It'll be flatter and cleaner but it won't be dramatic. Structurally, nothing major will change and it'll all be additive and iterative. They will build on what they've got rather than reinventing the wheel. Far too many casual users to do otherwise.
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    Are you kidding me right now? Yes, English is my first language. It is YOU that is communicating poorly. You're saying Ive's influence won't be heavy in iOS 7, and I'm saying you're wrong. It'll be all over iOS 7, as evidenced by WSJ.
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    Welshy will be ready to eat his words in t minus 1:30 approx.
  18. Silverrune, Jun 10, 2013
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    You'd be surprised what a very capable team can do in the time given, especially since they had hauled over people from OS X. They definitely "got **** done."
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    You think that Ive was working secretly behind Forstall's back? great company logic that is.

    I've worked in software development for a long time, and in my experience (with some massive compaines) it's impossible to change a release schedule that much in the time available. It would an outragous risk, and one that no comapny would even attempt.
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    I disagree that that is the only way to have a fundamental change. So there you go. To use your terminology, I think Ive will have a substantial impact on the design of iOS 7. So do people that are far more informed than you.
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    Take a look at Mac OS 10.0.4 compared to Mac OS 10.8.4




    Of course, there are similar design elements, but as you can tell, it's been heavily overhauled, while still being familiar to those who used the old version. There are similar elements, but it doesn't look the exactly the same, in fact it looks extremely different. It's very obvious a UI overhaul has occurred.

    You can observe the change in the design of the iPhone too.


    Original iPhone 2G


    iPhone 5.

    Now, they look similar because they both contain similar design cues, but the iPhone 5 is still a complete overhaul from the iPhone 2G.
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    It wouldn't have been behind his back, he probably knew he was being replaced and had to slowly give his job over to Ive's the company just made it official in december.
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    Not sure what world you live in, but senior roles are by no means mutually exclusive. You don't run full steam ahead with your ideas without input and consultation from your peers.
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    Oh really? Because in this thread, I will quote you exactly:

    Nice try, though.
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    Wow Mac OS X started with Internet Explorer?

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