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This kinda sucks...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by scem0, Aug 17, 2002.

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    I bought a 333 MHz Rev D iMac in about the year ~2000. I used it up til 1 month ago when it went kapoot. I just bought a 450 MHz powermac and a 17 inch old apple studio display of eBay. This sucks because I come here pretty much every day and read about people ordering their dual 1.25 Ghz computers.... :( - I always thought that I would be happy when I got a new computer. I guess I am, but I just wish my father were hmmmmm Steve Jobs, perhaps. That way good computers would be easy to get. Sorry dad :D. Well, I hope the new 450 MHz g4 is good at playing WCIII and fast at everything else. It will be compared to my old iMac... :D
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    yeah, i understand how you feel. But remember, when you decide to get a new mac in the future, be sure to come here and tell us about it.
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    You should have done what I'm doing....saving up....
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    I know those feelings. I've been trying to work on my graphic design classes at home and my PowerMac G3/400 wasn't cutting it. I got all of my savings bonds together and bought a floor model dual G4/800 and I'm pretty happy, but I obviously should have waited another two or three months considering the new machines.
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    Granted, buying, lets say, right before a big MW isn't a good idea, but there is always something better 3 or 4 months down the road.

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    Re: This kinda sucks...

    what happened to your imac?
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    Re: This kinda sucks...

    Hey, thats werid. I got a 333Mhz Rev-D imac and it just suddenly died in late may-early june. Maybe Apple put a life span on the comps and they have to die sometime in the early to middle summer of 2002. I say CONSPIRACY!
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    Re: Re: This kinda sucks...

    how did your computer die?

    was it the crt? will it not boot up? no power?

    my former computer repair partner was the apple field tech for the area where i live...i am just curious

    a lot of internal batteries give out and people often, by that time, give up since they have a new computer(s), so they don't care at that point
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    Re: Re: Re: This kinda sucks...

    Its battery gave out, but i was getting a new comp anyways, so i told my parents it was the power supply and it would cost more to fix than to get a new comp ( i said taht so i could get it early). HAHA, the funny part is that the technitian my mom took it to concurred w/ me!

    But my dad wont let me sell the memory away (96 MB in all) cuz he thinks we can salvage it! Bummer.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: This kinda sucks...

    us techies can see thru that and he/she had mercy on you

    nothing like a g4 to replace a g3:p
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: This kinda sucks...

    Yea, i got a 600 Mhz boost + Altivec and OSX.

    i dont know if he/she had:
    a) seen through my sham and was showing mercy on my mac lovin' soul
    b) really thought it was true
    c) an evil mind and was trying to sap my mom into paying for a new power supply

    Also, here is waht happened to my iMac (it might actually be the power supply!!! tell me if it sounds like it)

    it worked fine one day, then the next day, it wouldnt turn on and showed no sign of life. there was no burning smell taht would accompany an electrical short out. I tested every cord and plug in. No luck.
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    The CRT went out. The dude at MacAlliance siad that it was the analog converter or something like that. I am saving up by the way, I have $1300 saved right now, and that number grows continuously, but until apple releases something amazing I wont spend it. Im afraid I will never spend that money... :(
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    If its the crt, then why is the whole computer dead?
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    I've got $1000 right now; my target goal is $1899 so I can BTO the dual 867 (which is fast enough for me, as all I do is type, use Photoshop, play my 3 days worth of mp3s, surf, and play the occasional game of RtCW/WC3... :D ) with an 80GB HD and a Radeon 9000...

    oh btw my slot-loading iMac from a couple of years back died in late June...

    If you do a search for my first post you can see what went wrong with it....
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    You'd have to ask AlphaTech to be sure, but I think the analog board gives out and it needs to be replaced because pretty much everything gets power through it.
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    Let me describe the problem - please excuse my lack of knowledge of computer hardware:

    The computer is off - I press the power button. The wheels start turning, and you hear the power started to get to the computer, but right when it makes that 'dunk' sound when the moniter turns on the whole system turns off. The moniter had been making electrical 'popping' noises the past 2 weeks. It would make a popping noise and the top of the moniter would shake for a split second (like when a magnet was near, but only for a split second). I out-used that poor thing. I used it a hell of a lot. :(

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