this made me chuckle:

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by macOSX-tastic, Mar 28, 2006.

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    just a random snippet from the web. i thought i would try it out, and here are the fruits of my labour: we can always count on google!



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    you have too much time on your hands.;)
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    i'm a student. thats normal:D

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    You spelt it better than I did.
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    that's how it's spelled on the mary poppins soundtrack cd.
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    not something you want to admit to owning
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    there's NOTHING wrong with owning it dammit!:eek: you're just jealous and you dont understand me! [\huff]



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    I remember it being produced by my grandmother whenever we'd go and visit - as a Salvationist there weren't many films that she approved of. I'm off to fly a kite (up to the highest height).
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    Indeed, that sounds quite atrocious.

    How very precocious ;)
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    This is too cute. :)

    And a spoon full of sugar *does* help the medicine go down. I'm telling you! :)
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    and you would know this how? Please don't tell me you have th CD...please, please, please......
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    Now I always liked to think it went:

    Chim, Chimeney, Chim, Chimeney, Chim, chim cheroo

    but perhaps our resident expert with the lyrics could tell me how it was really spelt - the above is best intoned with a mock cockney accent just like Dick would do.

    Come along now, spit spot.
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    Great movie. Dick Van Dyke is really talented.
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    I own it.
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    I don't. ;)
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    That's "Chim-Chim-Cheree," which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

    I don't own the soundtrack, but do have the DVD. I'm not ashamed.
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    To my mind his greatest work has been in diagnosis murder alongside his own son. What i really like is how stars from other hit series tend to turn up - the episode with Quincy in really made my day when i saw it.

    He's certainly the most convincing american playing an englishman that i've ever seen on screen
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    Is that the same Academy that gave the award to Uncle F**ka and It ain't easy being a pimp (or whatever this year's winner was called).
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    Indeed, Dick Van Dyke is a very talented actor. I loved to watch him in Diagnosis Murder (although, he was great in Mary Poppins as well :) ).
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    Feed the birds.
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    look at the 5th link...
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    What was it? It'll be different depending on how you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidotious. :) Oddly enough, when I tried this just now, I didn't get a spelling correction...I tried several different spellings and I got hits on all of them. I think it only offers you spelling corrections if an adjacent spelling is a real word or has significantly more hits than the one you chose?

    Anyways, it *is* funny. :)
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    Whats wrong with those...i mean i'm not a big fan of being a pimp or the F$$ uncle but the songs made a point.

    Just like picking.....may it be from enya.....does it matter if its easy being a pimp.:)

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    Hum diddlediddlediddlyumdiddle-eye

    how funny we just watched that with the nieces last week
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    But even then, he's pretty rubbish :D

    I'd agree that Diagnosis Murder is probably his best work. When is it that his grandson also appears?

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