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This might be what I'm looking for in terms of a fully functional folio

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by chadam, Dec 3, 2010.

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    White Stiching...why?
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    They have a black one...
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    I like it. I bought a small netbook bag to put my iPad in when I needed to carry additional items like pens, business cards, etc. This folio seems to do the trick. Go for it!
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    Interesting case, this might be exactly what I was looking for.
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    Nice. Looks like it's trying to do too much, in my opinion, but it looks well made. No need for the notepad, with the Notes app, though. :D
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    It is the notepad that drew me to this case. I'm still wishing to find a case that incorporates both the Ipad and a legalsize note pad until then I haven't discovered many other professional folio's most of what have seen in terms of folios' in my opinion look a bit gimmicky and focus on either housing and covering an Ipad along with a stand, to make it more of a laptop stand.I need something that is functional, professional for when I sit down with clients. I wish someone would come out with a normal, fullsize portfolio....
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    Look interesting !!

    I'm also looking for this kind of folio case.

    But may be some more reviews or photos would be nice, anyone?
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    I've just ordered one of these, along with a HappyOwl wallet. Not sure which is going to meet my needs the best....will do a review once it arrives.
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    It looks realy nice, I like it. Have you compared it to the Moleskine folio? I'm a hardcore Moleskine user :rolleyes: so I'm leaning towards it, but the FrappeDesign speaks to me... I better get 'em both :p
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    The moleskin looks very nice however finding pads for it may be a pain..I am curious if the same would go for frappedesign....regardless, if and only if a manufacturer would invent a normal size folio we wouldn't have to worry about notepad replacements...I'm still searching for the perfect iPad/notepad professional combo...
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    I agree. May consider getting one to use on business meetings.
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    Think this will meet your needs exactly. I got mine through the post about a week ago along with my HappyOwl case - both are brilliant. However, the Frappe is a full size Folio, very professional looking, great to use with notepad and papers etc. My only slight concern is that when the iPad is in use, it just balances on the stand incorporated into the case, which is fine if you are flat on a desk, but not so great if taking notes on your lap or moving around - it's not very secure. However, very secure when in the envelope stye pocket when not in use.

    I got the grey version - not real leather but a nice enough material that looks very good. Quite slim…all round good case.

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