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This monitor shames the Cinema Displays ;)

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by fred_garvin, Aug 13, 2004.

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    Oh my...

    Good lord!! Look at the size of 'em!! How I'd love to plug that into my G3... ;)
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    Am I missing something? I mean, no lie, those things LOOK awesome...but why would anyone pay $10,000 for what is essentially 4 19" monitors stacked together? Not even particularly high resolution 19 inchers at that.
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    What's going on with that monitor?! Is it some sort of wierd windows/Mac hybrid with a start bar and a dock?! :eek:

    It would be pretty cool to have one of those monitors - you would need a pretty big desk though! :p
  6. jsw
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    Interesting - they apparently have taken three 1600x1200 displays, rotated them 90 degrees, and tiled them. I'd be interested in how they drive them.

    I like the idea of the wrap-around - large, wide monitors are hard to see at once, esp. if flat. Might have some cool gaming advantages.

    Of course, they won't connect to Mac video cards, no doubt. :(
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    The seamless technology is better though. The lines between panels is a millimeter or two. The Grandcanyon one has thick dividers, almost like putting 4 Cinema displays side by side driven by 2 video cards.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yeah, no mac support on those - too bad, cool stuff.

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    you can do that on windows...you might just be thrown by the way the monitors are stet up
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    i wonder how many windows you can have open before the taskbar fills up... :rolleyes:

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    'Cause you have idiots w/ money to burn?
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    Does anyone actually know someone who owns one of those Grand Canyon monitors? I remember a story coming out about how that whole website is a sham- and that the product doesn't exist.
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    I also remember there being a trojan involved in that site- MSIE users would get infected if they went there. That was quite a while ago though.
  14. Wes
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    I would not trust Go-l.com it seems like they do some shady business. What self-respecting company would totally steal Apple's design for a site?


    That's an old example of some of their dealings.
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    Not a DOCK

    Sorry, hate to burst your bubble, but that not the OSX dock. That's the quick launch area for Windows XP. It' not enabled by default, but it may be turned on . It's the same quick launch from Win98/ME/2000.

    As pointed out... Windows 95 as well.
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    umm quick launch has been around since windows 95
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    the 30" cinemas are still a better deal... 60" ples a G5 (refurb) for the cost of their 63".

    their laptops a wacked...


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