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This newscaster is my hero!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by damson34, May 16, 2010.

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    Since that aired in New Orleans, there probably wasn't anybody watching. ;)
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    Hilarious! Those ladies were almost speechless!
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    ROFL..... the silence for a brief second was priceless....
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    That's hilarious... Especially something about enjoying something comment.
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    more people need to just say it the way it is lol. If its to help your G-spot of course she is going to enjoy the penis more. I don't know why the ladies freaked out. I am pretty sure you can say penis on the news. Prude!
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    Great video. Thanks for sharing.
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    rhett7660 is right. If you ever want to know the sound of "awkward silence", this is a near picture-perfect example.

    I'm going to go check over at FARK.com; I'm 99% sure someone's got a "greenlit" thread on this over at their news discussion forums.
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    Haha screw being all PC just say it ;)
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    Damn you, flash-incapable iPhone. :(
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    Oh, sad, maybe you would like to hear about "soy milk"?
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    It amazes me how people get upset about stuff like that! The movie is rated PG-13, why would you take a preteen to go see it if you are worried about him hearing something he shouldnt?
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    Hahaha! My Jism is always soy!
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    Classic, right up there with keep on ****in' that chicken...
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    It's understandable to want to not have your kids exposed to certain things. That's what ratings are for. What I find really confusing is parents who complain about violent video games- when M rated games can't be sold to minors.

    Parents bring their preteen kids to PG-13 movies and buy them M-rated (18 and up) games and then complain that their kids shouldn't be exposed to that content.

    Uh...no duh?
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    haha... the news lady in the middle was hilarious... she was shocked. That's the black Ron Burgundy

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