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This one is better

Discussion in 'Ten Million Post Contest' started by mflorer, Jun 2, 2010.

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    I fixed the background.

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    nothing personal but maybe the time machine logo could be of better quality. Its a bit choppy around the edges but good idea
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    The background is really bad quality.
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    ^whAt they said
    And you can still see part of the time machine logo too
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    yeah it looks like there was a transparent background and that at some point it got converted from a gif/png to a jpg and so, in the process of being rastorized, it looks pixelated. i'd go back to the original image with transparent background and re-export for web.
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    Logo needs some furnishing, also can you please suggest what this logo is for?
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    neko girl

    Rumor time machine?

    Interesting idea..
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    Nice logo! 10/10 imo!
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    yea i think you should just leave the time machine logo as is without the extra thingss.

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