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This site is getting over run

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by MonkeySee...., Jan 22, 2013.

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    I understand that Android is growing with popularity. I understand that Apple isn't the be all and end all of Tech but The poison spreading about this site is ridiculous. I know we have the "alternate" section but its hard to avoid.

    You can barely go into a thread without someone saying Android this or Android that. There is even a thread asking "How Apple is innovative". Why are we getting questions like that? It has to be a wind up surely?

    It seem people are out to get Apple on this site and I'd almost go as far as saying that the Android stuff is out weighing the Apple stuff.

    I know this isn't my site an my opinion isn't worth much but it would be great if you can move it all completely away from the main site. e.g. 9to5Mac has a sister site called 9to5Google. Good thing about that is you don't even have to fish through the dross to read and talk about Apple.
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    This is nothing new. The Alternative section was created so that people with Android and other non IOS devices would have a place to post. If an article offends, then avoid it...I don't really see an huge increase in the "Apple Flaming" type of postings you describe...It's always been that way, and tends to come and go. January is a slow month too.
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    Find 20-25 regulars, whose opinion, advice and overall contributions you rate and then add them to your contacts. Go to Forum Spy to look at what is active at any given moment, and your chosen few are highlighted in Postit yellow so you can filter out the noise that way
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    I normally go to the "New Posts" part of the site. It would be nice if this site didn't feature an "alternate" section. This isn't a general site its an Apple site. Isn't it?

    I don't come here to talk about football I find a site to suit my needs. Not sure why Android users can't do the same?
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    Phil A.

    I agree with the OP that it's definitely getting worse - that's one of the main reasons I didn't bother renewing my contribution subscription this year
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    You can block the alternatives forum from "New Posts" in User CP.

    Go to "Edit Options" and add 157 to the "Exclude Forums" box.
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    Ahh. You did tell me this in a separate thread. I didn't realise it was just "157" that needed to be added. It seems to have worked.

    I was posting in a thread once and by the time the US woke up it got moved to the "Alternate" part of the forum and some guy accused me of trolling. :rolleyes:

    I know its my responsibility to avoid these posts but its very hard :eek:
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    Jessica Lares

    I just ignore those posts. Obviously if you can't see the innovation in Apple products, then you're probably not an Apple consumer to begin with.

    I don't like reading journalism type posts either - Go post that on your blog, not here. :rolleyes:
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    IMO the site has got better in the last 6 months.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    I think this problem does not exist. It is probably a psychological problem of some users.


    As far as the moderation is concerned, yes.
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    You say "it's hard to avoid" the posts you disagree with, but what that tells me is that you're interested in hearing other viewpoints enough to check them out, despite the knowledge that someone is going to say something you don't like. I think that's healthy and good, and shows you like to learn new things.

    I think it's just a matter of focusing on being confident in your choices. If you walk through your neighborhood and see all sorts of different shops that sell different goods, you should be able to walk right past them all, and go directly to the Apple Store. Unless you need apples, in which case you go to the grocery store. :p
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    And as far as I know, there is no rule stating that Apple consumers are not allowed to be interested in Android if they have Apple products. Many posts concern people that want to know the differences between them and/or talk about what made them switch.

    I personally use an Android phone but will stay on this forum, not only because I still hold hope for an iPhone that is fit for me but also because I am a proud owner of a Macbook and Apple TV.

    And like others mentioned, if you don't like it, just ignore it. It's not their fault if you get annoyed by the posts that you do not ignore.
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    Like this thread in the alternate forum which seems to have no purpose other than being a vehicle for trolling and/or Apple bashing.



    Maybe someone should create an AndroidRumors site for Android fans. :)
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    Android fans can still be iPhone/Mac fans.

    I don't really see the problem. Just read past it.
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    There's Cult of Android. But like everything else in their universe, it's a "copy" of Cult of Mac. :D

    But maybe they feel that paying attention to all-things-Apple is just more interesting and exciting. Can you blame them? So even if they HATE the idea of buying or using Apple products, they are still magnetically drawn to Apple-related forums and discussions of Apple-related products.
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    It is hard to avoid. Its like reading a heading saying "Volkswagens are un reliable". I know I should just pass it by but its too ridiculous to pass.

    Its my own fault. I have blocked the other forum now which is much better.
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    I think it depends on the context of their posts.

    If they are merely writing their opinions, like they prefer this thing to that thing, then that's fine. No two people will have the same preferences.

    But if they come here simply to get a rise from bashing and baseless criticism of Apple/Mac/iOS, then clearly their intent was to provoke. You think that should be tolerated? I don't think so. But then again, what I think is not necessarily the policy of MR.
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    The thing is that people own devices from both companies. Comparisons will always be made because they're competing products.

    I have a Nexus 7 (not mine but I can use it any time), iPad and iPhone. It's surely better for me to talk about the Nexus in the alternatives forum than to talk about it in Apple ones.

    It is annoying when the alternatives crowd comes into the main forums talking about Android though.
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    This is the main problem, its said over and over again and it gets more annoying with time.
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    I'm a Mac user, I think this forum here is best for me.
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    So you can annoy iOS users about how android is better? I'm not saying you're the one who is doing that but a few of people do.
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    Hmm, no... I think we need more tolerance, not segregation.

    I'll never forget being horrified as a young boy when my grandparents pulled up to a gas station in the Arizona desert, and my grandmother said, "I'm not going out there... there are DIRTY INDIANS out there."

    Once you've seen how ugly people can get when they are used to being around "their own kind," you tend to realise that more diversity is what we need. These principles are not isolated to race, religion and so on... it applies to all forms of tolerance.
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    This is computer stuff we're talking about not MLK's philosophy.
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    That's because you have only been back for 3 weeks.:p

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