This whole website is off center.

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by The General, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. The General, Feb 12, 2012
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    The problem lies here:

    #mainContainer {
    margin: 22px auto 25px auto;
    padding: 0 10px 0 30px;
    min-width: 1000px;
    z-index: 1;

    Thanks in advance to whoever fixes it.
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    I did not notice it before, but you are right, it is off center...
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    I wasn't sure if you were referring to the physical positioning, or the quality of content the posts (not to mention the authors of the posts.):rolleyes: :D
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    I think it may have been set up this way to keep the site centered relative to the entire browser window including the scroll bar. Now that Lion has no scrollbars (so to speak), it is shifted to the right by 20 pixels.
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    Apple OC

    looks centered on my Mac
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    And who says Mac users are OCD? :p
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    HAHA. i was just discussing my OCD traits (only liking lossless audio, only watching Blurays, etc) with a friend... i don't feel so OCD anymore.... :D
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    Yeah that seems like the most likely situation...although, with the scrollbar included, the right is 26 pixels and left 30 pixels.

    But yes, if you want to see it truly centered, just inspect the page in Safari or Chrome and change the element yourself.
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    It is off center.

    I grabbed the lower right edge of the Safari browser and moved it to fit and it came out like this :

    It's off center on my iPad too.

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    Is it really that big of a deal? :rolleyes:
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    This whole forum is **** because it's off center.

    -Steve. :D
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    I don't get it.:confused:

    On my MBP, it looks dead center to me.

    It's hard to see the white outline of the whole page - no ads.

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    You should do a screen grab that includes the menu etc.

    I think it goes off center due to the tab bar.

    And. Yes. It has completely ruined my whole day.

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    simsaladimbamba has been "off center" for quite some time, and that hasn't ruined your day, has it? :D

    Seriously, this seems like a minor issue. The site looks fine to me.
  15. arn
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    It was actually on purpose at the time.

    1. It looks better having a bit of a left margin when reading. 30 pixels to the left looks better than less.

    2. The reason for the asymmetry was for small screens. Having excess white padding on the right causes the horizontal scroll bar to appear too easily.

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    Ah crap I never noticed this until now, and now its bugging me.:p
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    No problem Just sit 10 pixels to the right and there ya go !!
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    Nice. A solution instead of just so much empty space... :D
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    I like that someone noticed this.

    I like that arn has it this way on propose.

  20. blackhand1001, Feb 13, 2012
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    The website requires horizontal scrollbars on 1024x600 netbook resolution. This also means on 1x1 scaling on an ipad it technically needs scrollbars as well. This can be fixed if you allow the forum to be thinner if the window is small enough. This is in chrome.
  21. arn
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    ya, for 1024 rez, pick the "fluid" link at the bottom of the front page.

    That allows should allow no scrollbars, but it will cause the top banner to get compressed/overlap.

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    Cool story. Instructions to fix it client side in Safari:

    1. Download and install the User CSS extension from here:

    2. Secondary click anywhere on any website and select Manage User CSS

    3. Fill it out to look like this:

    If you want extra space on the left like Arn suggested looks better, just set the number of pixels to 30 for both. I think 20 is fine. 10 is too close. It's up to you.

    4. Click Save

    Enjoy perfectly centered macrumors.
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    Mr. McMac

    I find it off center, too much to the left for my liking
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    Why aren't MR forums centered?

    If I remember correctly, the forums were centered before. Now, the space in the left is bigger than the space in the right.

    I've tried choosing the different layout options available with no success. Is this how it is intended to look?

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  25. arn
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    Ya, that's how it is supposed to look. :)

    The left margin needs to be there, otherwise, the text runs too close to the end of the screen.

    The right margin is unimportant, and just causes the scroll bar to appear on small screens.


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