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Those who had warped cases and had them repaired...what happened?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by phi, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. phi
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    So I just got my refurb 12" powerbook G4 and the aluminum/plastic around the latch/trackpad button is starting to warp after just 7 days of use. I called Apple Tech Support and they're sending me a box to have them ship the laptop back to them to look at. My question is, has anyone done this, and was the problem rectified? Or is this just a shot in the dark.
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    What do you mean by "warped"? Do you mean there's a bend or dent in the plastic/alu (although I think it's plastic) in the vicinity of the trackpad button, or do you mean that the entire plastic piece (ie: from left palmrest to right palmrest) is bent slightly?

    Anyway, if its obvious, just send it back. You did just order it, after all.

    Anyway, when I close my PB, the lid doesn't meet up with the left palmrest. The display touches the right palmrest perfectly fine, but when the lid is closed, left palmrest and display don't touch. Is that a warping, and if so, would Apple bother doing anything about that? I've had this issue since I bought it 11 months ago, but I didn't think it was a big enough deal. However, I will send it in if this is what a "warp" is. I have to get my money's worth out of AppleCare somehow! :D
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    I think its plasic (it feels that way atleast.).
    My trackpad button is a bit higher on the right side (about half a mm)
    but i don't care. :p
    I had it for over a week before i noticed it.
  4. phi
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    My plastic is slightly bubbling up near the edge, but if you look at it from the top, the aluminum is bubbling out from where it meets the plastic down to where the latch is. So I guess both are being bent or warped by the heat. The pb gets pretty damn hot! ouch.
  5. phi
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    I'm guessing no one in the past has sent in their computers to have the casing looked at due to it warping? I saw so many postings in 2003 after running a search about it. Do people just complain about it, then just let it be? Or does Apple do such a good job of fixing it, that they forget all about the defect and never post follow-ups? hmmm....
  6. Ozi
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    bubbling aluminium?? Aluminium "bubbles" at around 600ºC so I doubt you are bubbling it, unless your computer is actually glowing red hot.
  7. phi
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    ok, not literally "bubbling," its bulbous and bubbled as in, the surface isn't flat anymore. :p
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    Absolutely normal.
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    Hey phi, dont you just love it when people who have absolutely nothing helpfull to say respond to your thread?

    Anyways, I have a 12'' PB, and when I first got it, it sat perfectly flat on my desk. After about 2 weeks, it was wobbly. All feet were in tact. So I sent it in to Apple, and they bent the lower case, (bottom housing piece) back to being flat. (or so it said on the invoice they sent with it.) While its not the same as your problem, Apple should be able to fix your problem for you. The service I had was fast as well. There and back in two days total. Good luck in with your problem.
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    Whatever the problem is, apple support is usually very speedy. My 15" got sent back twice in the first month, once for a broken airport wire, and once for the dreaded white blochy screen. The wire fix was fast, but the screen wasn't because they didn't have any screens in stock. Your problem should be fixed pretty quickly, just make a backup so if they screw anything up you can get your information back quickly. Not that you have any after a month or so ;)
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    I also had to send my PB in twice. First was a loss of audio thanks to a thunderstorm (I still don't know how that was the only thing to go, my external speakers are fine...). They also replaced the screen due to a white spot while it was in. It was sent from the Chestnut Hill store on a Tuesday, got it back that Friday. The second time was for a near-complete loss of AirPort and Bluetooth reception, courtesy of a tech at Apple :rolleyes: Sent it out the last day of MacWorld Boston (thursday), got it back Monday.

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