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Thought I would share some pics of the snow we're currently getting in Vegas!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by jaydub, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Do people go nuts there when it snows like they do in the South?

    Does everything come to a grinding halt?
    Do the stores run out of milk and bread? :rolleyes:

    Woof, Woof - Dawg [​IMG]
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    So, are you stranded for 3 days??
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    I've lived here for 11 years and I've never seen this. We'll see if it become Armageddon or what. :D
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    Pretty awesome, huh? :) It snowed here in south Texas last week, everyone flipped out.:p
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    global warming at its finest
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    Shifting weather patterns at their finest. ;)
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    I'm up by Lone Mountain in Summerlin, and I'm having a blast in this! Call me evil, but I am having a blast at the expense of the locals here who don't know how to drive in rain, let alone the snow. It's come down thick over the past day, and doesn't show any sign of letting up.

    My to-be mother-in-law can't make it home to Kingman, AZ, because every possible route to get there is closed. Highway 93 to Phoenix is closed at Railroad Pass (Boulder City). Highway 95 is closed at Searchlight, and I-15 is closed at the Nevada/California state line.

    What's funnier is that I haven't seen a shovel sold here in almost 10 years, and they don't have any emergency snow routes, nor snow crews to handle this. The closest snow equipment is at Mt. Charleston, some 35 miles northwest and 5000ft higher.

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    Here I thought Vegas was always sunny and dry!

    We just got a few inches of snow in NY last night, but it got to mid-30s today and most melted off. It would be cool to have a big dump of snow and be trapped for a couple days (with power, of course)
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    If it is anything like so. cal. they do.
    Retards! It rains and OMGWTFBBQ all over the stupid freeways!
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    OMGWTFBBQ is an understatement... hehe
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    never thought it would ever snow in texas, but las vegas is even more surprising for me
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    I moved to Vegas in January of 1998, to escape the cold and snow of Nebraska. Even more so, I took the southern route to get around a snow storm coming through Colorado. Drove down to Oklahoma City, then took I-40 all the way to Kingman, then US Highway 93 north into the city. Told myself that I'll be okay now, as it won't snow in Vegas.....

    Next day, it snows. Luckily, it was only about 40F (4C) so I was out in a t-shirt and shorts. and of course, I got the funny looks because anything below 70F is cold to people in Vegas. ;)

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    Snow on palm trees. That's just wrong.
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    I'm from Pueblo originally so this isn't odd in and of itself, but having it in Vegas is very memorable. I'm glad they let me out of work early enough to get home and take a few pictures!
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    Ugh I know! I happened to be going to the grocery store the day before a big storm was supposed to move through the region and it was insane. Drives me nuts.
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    I'm from Chicago and over that past couple days we've gotten about 8 inches, and its been in the single digits. Wonder what would happen in vegas if the same thing happened. :D
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    Video attached. Sorry for the .wmv, but I'm traveling without my Mac and all I have is this PC.

    I'm from Texas but in Las Vegas for business this week - I thought it was funny when my wife told me it was snowing back home a couple of days ago. This, I guess, is karma.

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    Bah, that's not winter!

    In Thunder Bay it was around -35C before windchill for like this whole week. That's winter.:p
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    Around here we've been topping off around 49-50 degrees the past few days (it's 36ºF as I type this) and we're all complaining about how cold it is. We coastal Californians are wusses when it comes to cold weather. :p
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    Well that's interesting. Anyways, time to get reading for snowmageddon, that's what there calling it by me lol. Should have about 50cm (19.7in) by the end of the weekend. Got about 2in of snow yesterday.

    Doubt we will be having that but it's been -22C with the windchill so far by me. Still waiting on -30C but hey, thats winter in Canada lol.
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    It IS funny to watch all the people who dont know wtf to do when an inch + comes down.
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    LOL so true though, it's amazing what happens when places that don't get snow get like an inch or so. I'm awaiting the 20 or so inches were supposed to get over the weekend.
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    My God! People actually live in Las Vegas?!?! I thought it was all just gangsters and strips..
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    It's the sign of the apocalypse, tis the end of days!

    ; )

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