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Thoughts about upgrade? D100 to D50

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by revfife, Jan 29, 2006.

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    I was wondering if anyone might have thoughts about moving from a d100 which I have presently to the D50. The D50 is a much newer camera and Nikon just recently (Friday from the local photo store) dropped the kit price to $699 est street which is very tempting. I just don't know if I should take the plunge or keep on using my D100. Anyone have any comments or thoughts?
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    The D50 uses the same CCD as the D100. It has a plastic body (instead of magnesium) and it does not have the cable release. I am not sure why you would want to upgrade/sidegrade to a D50. What new features are you looking for that your D100 does not have? Instead of going for a new body, I would recommend a new lens. I hear the 18-200VR DX is pretty good.
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    Clix Pix

    Why not consider moving from the D100 to the D200? Or the D70s? Each of those cameras is going to have more in common with your D100 -- more features -- than the D50. You might find that on the D50 you will miss some features that you'd used on the D100. (Without doing a visual or hands-on comparison of those two cameras, neither of which I own, I can't list what those features might be, but I suspect that there are at least a few which are missing from the D50 that are present on the cameras which followed the D100 (D70, D70s, D200) because of the fact that the D50 is targeted towards a different market.
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    Thanks for the replies. Yes you are probably right, money would be better spent at the lens level. Keep on bugging the stores to get in the 18-200 lens. Most people who I have talked to rave about it.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Well, bug Nikon! We at the stores are just as upset at the new stuff from Nikon not being available.

    But good things come to those who wait....

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