Thoughts on screen protectors?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by SOLLERBOY, May 28, 2010.

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    Hi, I had the proporta ipad screen protector waiting for when my iPad arrived which it did yesterday. I am usually good at fitting protectors and my iphone and itouch ones are flawless.

    THis one on the other hand arrived bent so it had a notch in it, it wouldn't apply properly and when I removed the top protective layer it pulled the whole thing off again. Needless to say i'm returning it. For the damage caused in transit if nothing else.

    I really want the powersupport one as I know they work well but it costs too much to get it here.

    I'm thinking of letting it run naked. What are everyone else's thoughts on this? Are you using one? Do you have lots of scratches???
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    I have also wondered whether a screen protecter was necessary. I have screen protecters on all of my iphones and ipods. I put them on as soon as they come out of their boxes. But those devices go in your pocket and the ipad doesn't.

    So far, after 3 weeks with no protection, the screen is excellent and holding up very well. But I have had good success with the power support screens, and am considering using them.
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    There's a forum for that.
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    For the first 3 weeks or so, I used just the Apple case and no protection for the screen. I was obsessive about cleaning the screen and was always concerned about scratching. I decided to go with a screen protector just so I would stop worrying about scratching the screen.

    Although the feel isn't as nice as it was when it was naked, I don't have any problems wiping it off with whatever I can find. Like a paper towel, my shirt, etc. I no longer carry around my microfiber cloth for cleaning.
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    Yeah I know but it's like a wasteland in there.

    Thanks all for your comments. I'm in limbo as there aren't any alternatives in this country yet (as usual). I can either stick with something full of bubbles and crystallising the screen or go naked and take the risk.
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    the main thing im worried about is applying it wrong. i didnt my mobile as carefully as i could and still managed to mess it up (few hairs got in there somehow), so doing the massive screen -- i just dont know.
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    If you are a reasonably careful person, a screen protector should be unnecessary. It's glass, so it's harder than most objects it comes into contact with.

    The only reason I might add one is to reduce glare and reflections.
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    Did you even look? There's one of the best screen protector comparisons I've ever seen (SGP vs. Power Support) and reviews of nearly all the major players.

    That said, keep your eye out for Speck. 2 for $25. Nice quality.
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    PowerSupport Anti-Glare all the way.

    - reduces glare/reflection
    - reduces visible fingerprints, smudges, etc
    - high quality compared to other similar protectors
    - sensation (sliding finger across smooth surface)
    - protects from scratches (as any protector...)
    - easy to remove/relatively easy to put on

    - a little pricey ($24.99, and since I'm in Canada, totalled to $36 w/ship).
    - reduces vibrance of screen (not that your screen won't look nice, it just won't be as popping out...I've been using a PS anti-glare on both my iDevices for years and the screen still looks nice to me). If you want clarity but severe glare, get the Crystal one; if you'd rather a little less vibrance but no annoying glare/reflection and a reduction of smudges, get this one)
    - sensation (I listed this above, but you may also not like it. It's a love/hate tactile sensation, though you may get used to it after being weirded out at first)
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    dunno i have my ipad in the ipad case, so the only time the screen is exposed is when i'm using it.

    think it will survive without a protector ruining the feel of the thing.

    it is very smudged tho and i dont know what to clean it with :)
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    Microfiber cloth with iKlear, it's the best thing, Apple carries it in store and uses it for all their displays.

    A small speck of sand can scratch the screen, sometimes it's not the big nails that will, but rather the little things (sand) we thought to be insignificant.
    Also, screen protectors prevent/reduce smudges. :)
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    I ran without one for a couple weeks. Ordered the power support anti-glare and the installation went well (thank goodness). I've had one on my iPhone for years and I actually like the way it feels and looks better with it on. The iPad is meant to be used so use it the way you like it best.
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    If you go with the Clear Coat, they will give you as many as you need until you get the installation right. I messed mine up on the front and they are sending me a new one.
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    I had a screen protector for a short time (included with the SwitchEasy Nude). I removed it after a week. Why? Because fingerprints were nearly impossible to remove. So I went back to no protector. (The screen is protected by the Macally Bookstand)
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    No SP is the way to go.
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    Using the PS on my iPad feels exactly like the glass screen. You can use Monster's iClean or iKlear, both work great.
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    too bad they dont look like they ship to australia. there is one "merchant" but i wouldnt trust them from the look of their site. i might check fleabay
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    I messed up my installation too and when I got the replacement for the front piece Clear-Coat sent the whole kit again! Very nice. I got cat fur stuck under it and got so frustrated I crumpled the front piece. This time I am going to follow their video and on low heat use a blow dryer to get rid of any dust or stray cat fur before applying the front piece.

    I will say I have been torn about putting it on because I do love the feel of the screen naked. But like someone else said, I worry about sand or debris that could get into my case and scratch the screen when the case is closed. I use it outside a lot these days now that the weather is nice.
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    I have the Griffin screen care kit and it's good so far. I know colors are more vivid without a protector but I quite like the matte look, especially when outside under the sun (reduces glare).
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    The Samurai

    Ultimate Protector - Test

    Zagg for iPad - ultimate test and review here.
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    I put one on but am taking it off also because it's hard to clean the fingerprints off.
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    good to know. :) thanks
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    Which screen protector where you using that attracted fingerprints? I just got my iPad in the mail today and it's naked and it feels great. I am considering screen protector though and trying to make a decision on which one. Ghost armor is at a mall down the way from me, and another mall has another one invisible shield. Both are kiosks I don't know which one though.
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    Was just wondering how well the powersupport screen was packed and if any crumpling and bending occurred during shipment. The last screen protector I order was shipped in a standard enveloped and was at the mercy of my mailman who enjoys curling up my mail and forcing it in my mailbox.
    I live in Canada as well and hate to have to spend 36 dollars for an already ruined screen protector.



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