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Thousand Oaks, CA

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by infinitethrill, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Just like the Leopard launch, we hope to be first (or near first anyway) in line at the 3g launch. Who else plans on going?
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    I shall be there... with OP. Hence the we.
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    If it becomes available at 6pm on the 11th, what time would would the line start at? Also, from what location (at the outside center of the mall next to the Cheesecake Factory?).

    - Jake
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    Be interested in knowing what time you plan on starting the line as well. I was planning on going here or the AT&T store in Camarillo (it's a bit closer to my apartment). It's actually kind of funny, I work at one of the squadrons at the Point Mugu naval base and including me there's four people in my shop that are planning on getting the new iphone on release.
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    ill be there too, i hope to see smpfilms, cory "Mr.Safety" williams
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    LOL OMG dude you live here??? awesomeee ill see u :D
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    Jake, where did you get the 6pm time slot? or do you mean if there's any more available by 6pm? i'm from Ventura County as well, so i plan to have all available AT&T branches covered in our area on 11 July.
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    Hi Jarvijarv.

    Either Appleinsider or Macrumors posted a rumor/speculation that it'll be available at the same timeslot that the original iPhone was launched at last year (6pm.) I'm in Ventura, so it's a small drive and I'm trying to decide if I go to the Apple store or the AT&T store in Ventura.... We'll hopefully know more soon as the day creeps up upon us.
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    I'll be there.

    I live in Malibu and was thinking bout going to the Santa Monica store, but I prefer the Oaks mall and I can eat at the cheesecake factory after!!:apple:
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    I remember the line for the first phone at the TO mall. I have no doubt it'll be just as big. The question is how many phones they're getting. I'm thinking of hitting up the ATT store closer to me though. I don't know yet.
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    So, the Oaks mall @ 8am. Anybody going that morning or spending the night there? I'm still debating whether to go to the Apple store or an ATT store since I already have the v1 phone.
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    :apple:Heya fellow V.C. peeps:D

    I am in Oxnard and have to go to an AT&T store (have a business acct.) Have not decided if I am going to the one in Oxnard, Ventura or Camarillo.:confused:
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    I'll be there, anyone know what time the mall is going to open up or how much stock they will have. I'm planning on getting there around 630. Hopefully it won't be too crowded.
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    I will be there early in the morning. I called the mall and they said you have to wait in line in front of Johnny Rockets until the mall opens which is 7am.
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    First in line...

    Hey everyone, I am in line at the oaks. I have been here since 4:30. I will post updates every hour or so when more people start arriving. Check back to this thread and I will post all night. Good luck!
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    How's that line looking?
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    Thanks to those who will update this thread about the line!

    How's the line so far?

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    just 2 people in line now...lots of people saying that they are coming back in the morning though
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    Keep us posted! I'll be checking this thread all night! Thanks!
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    hey guys i think im gonna hold out for the 32 gig iphone 3g but i might cruise over to the oaks to check out the mob scene in the morn. Good luck guys
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    6 people in line @10:25
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    I will arrive at 4:30/5:00am
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    Even though I am not buying a iPhone, I will probably stop by with JD71 later... I just don't have the money for a contract right now.
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    13 people at 11:20

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