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Thousands 'answer MI5 spy call'

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by iGav, Mar 2, 2004.

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    I wonder if there's anything about a company Aston Martin in the contract??? :D


    Salaries aren't very good though... obviously there must be other perks to make up for it then... :eek: ;) :D
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    i want to get me a linguist instrcutor like james bond did :D hehe
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    You can't get in if you're over 5' 11" tall, which scuppers iGav's plans for a new Aston and a crack at Moneypenny... :D
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    Of course i'm at a slight disadvantage for being scouser, i've got no chance :)

    "arr ey mate, nice wheels..."
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    you jest 5'11"...??? must be because of the limted head room in the Aston once Q has installed the roof mounted 'Heatseekers' then... :p
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    Thomas Veil

    This is why England will always be one step behind us. The only way an American would volunteer would be for the chance to drive fast cars, play with futuristic gadgets and **** beautiful women. :p
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    you think you Americans are one step ahead of us Brits? um, in what possible way?

    thanks for lightening up my day :)
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    Crikey - You're in Widnes... I'm in Runcorn. How is being a scouser a problem? I mean - who would suspect? I'm 6'6"... I guess that rules me out.
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    I think we are probably better at fabricating evidence about weapons of mass destruction (not that you guys didn't try too, but probably not as egregiously as we did). Certainly we are better at believing our own fabrications. :)
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    What a shame...I'm an American over 5'11" and too young. Well, there's always laser tag.
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    Well Interiority those of us that are vertically challenged must stick together. The advantage to it is that we get noticed more often. In a crowd we have the advantage of being able to see over them. I happen to be proud of my height. Was just able to make the cut being a flight nurse.
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    you've not been abroad, have you? ;)


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