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thread Closings.

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Koodauw, Apr 29, 2004.

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    It seems to me that many threads have been closed prematurely. I think Mac rumors has alot of good content in general, and I value that imput of all the other users. That said it seems to me that there have been alot of threads that have been closed lately that. I think that these threads still have value. Also there seems to be alot of deleted post. I know Macrumors takes pride in keeping the forums clean, and the mods do a great job, but it seems that they have been a little over zealous of late. Anyone agree/dissagree/ care to comment?
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    Sun Baked

    There have been quite a few spam threads (actual advertisements as a first post) and a lot of serial #/crack threads I've seen closed along with pure pointless threads from post #1 or have gone off-topic on page 5, and a couple thread topics that would quickly get out of hand if not closed...

    Could you point out some of these threads with merit that were closed?
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    I haven't seen anything closed that should not have been. When you have 6 threads talking about the same thing, 5 don't need to be there.

    Concerning deleted posts, if the posts only contain things like "I agree" "Okay" "Yes" or "No", they deserve to be deleted. Also, if they don't conform to the other rules of the forums, they also don't belong.
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    The threads that end up closed are usually the ones that become problematic & are reported, spam threads or duplicate topic threads. Was there anything in particular u saw that u felt should have been handled differently?
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    I thought it was odd when threads were closed for no apparent reason. Perhaps the mods could include a final post giving the reason for the closing or give a link to a thread with the same topic. Most of the recent closings I have noticed include neither so we are left to wonder and speculate as to the reason.
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    I've seen one or two threads whose closings were debatable, I'd say.

    But I don't see some mass conspiracy amongst the mods to crush someone's voice on this thread...I think they've all got better things to do with their lives than that.
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    You'd be surprised

    I've had three posts critical of MacRumors' lack of rumors deleted from the site. The comments were removed from 2 forums by the same moderator.

    In one instance s/he deleted my post because it was a 1-word agreement with someone who'd also questioned MacRumors' rumors of late. Meantime, s/he allowed 2-word post from a fellow moderator.


    One-word bad but two-word good?
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    All of the Mod's are Guys (and the admin Arn).

    Occasionally there are lapses in moderation. Hypocritical things said in one thread and things that are said in another are slightly different.

    If it is really a big issue go to arn about it, obviously the mods can't moderate themselves. ;)

    Also if you want to make a contribution don't just quote posts and say 'I agree' you did this to my post, but you didn't bring anything to the dicussion.

    And thats what we want, stuff brought to be talked about.
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    Sun Baked

    There are times the mods will kill some spam, and off-topic posts by deleting them in order to save a thread.

    Sometimes they go as far as moving these posts to a new thread then tossing it in the wasteland.

    But was the 1 word post so worthwhile to the community that it should have been saved?
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    Two words, eh? Go back and read the thread.

    Like I said before, enable private messages and we'll work it out - but if you post about it again, I'll have no choice but to consider it trolling and take appropriate action.
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    Actually, u will note that I made a 2 word post, followed by a post of agreement to something that rower said earlier on. So in essence, I truly did have a useless post. :eek: :D ;)
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    Basically, I trust the mod's decisions and agree with them. Posts should stay as close as possible to the topic at hand, and I've seen posts go south sooner rather than later as of late.
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    i don't think any of the mods are exactly going power-crazy. that said, i wouldn't mind seeing a "reason for closure" post or comment... i think it would not only allay the curiosity of posters, but also be a good way to demonstrate what happens when particular rules are broken.

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    That's an absolutely fair request.

    I typically will post the reason, if I don't feel that it's completely obvious, but sometimes in my haste to do other work I've probably closed some threads w/out doing so. I think the rest of the mods do pretty much the same.
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    Thanks to the mods for looking into this. I wasn't able to find any of the threads that I was thinking.

    I think a post including why a thread was closed would be helpful to everyone. It can also serve as an example for what not to do, for those who might not be aware.

    About threads going off topic, is it always such a bad thing if it fosters thought about other related topics?

    Thanks again to everyone for keeping the macrumors community a great place.
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    Not at all, but for the news/rumors thread, we like to keep the signal to noise ratio from getting too out of hand. In community discussion, you'll notice that posts/threads are much less moderated.

    Note this line from the rules page:
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    I sometimes have not posted a reason for closing some threads, but it's usually obvious why they're closed. In the cases where it's not 100% obvious, I'll do my best to give reason. ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    In the past couple weeks, I've closed a few threads for more than a few reasons ranging from spam to redundant. In all cases I've given a reason so that anyone questioning the intent fully understands the reasons behind the actions.

    If at any time any member has a problem with a specific thread being closed, contact the mods or arn via PM and we'll resolve the problem. We don't go out of our way to close threads and I think I speak for all the mods here that if it was possible we'd prefer not to waste our time closing any threads.

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    Just out of pure curiosity: Why did brhmac get banned in the end? I couldn't find a reason and don't want to make a similar mistake...
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    Read his post in this thread and you'll understand.

    Personally, I haven't seen an increase in thread closings...
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    Well, I read his post, but I don't see anything ban-worthy, that's why I asked. I even checked his latest posts, but there wasn't anything, too.
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    I think this would be a good idea because it would indicate to everybody what is unacceptable on the forums. I can understand that sometimes people may start the wrong kinds of threads unintentionally. I'm sure it would result in less spam/redundant threads being started and meaningless posts.
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    He was banned as the result of communication in private messages that indicated continued issues with following this site's rules.
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    Hmm. Not sure how to go about this, since I have a phobia of certain members of the moderating staff as being excessive power-wielders.

    I have noticed threads in which a conversation was currently under-weigh get closed because another thread currently lacking any conversation already exists about a certain topic. A suggestion. Would it not make more sense to close an old topic than close one that has a conversation progressing. People don't like having a conversation interrupted so in real life and they usually don't like it on a forum either. Maybe the threads could be joined? I don't know; it's just very aggravating to suddenly have a conversation stopped for little cause. Also, it can be hard to determine if a topic has already been posted due topic titles being worded poorly and the main content of a post being linked to (everyone says the same basic stuff about news stories eg. oh that's terrible, what scum, lol, funny stuff, ianal, rotfl, brb, afaik, otoh, etc, you get the idea).

    And about bannings, I usually check someone's posts to see what they were banned for. Often enough, there seems to be no real offense in any public conversation. Now I obviously could be very mistaken since I don't know whats going on in their pm, but I get the impression that the moderation staff(or at least some members) does not appreciate a dissenting opinion of any kind. As you can see, I feel uneasy posting like this because of my aforementioned neurosis about the moderating staff. I just feel at times that there is too much moderation. I don't mean that the quality of mr isn't improved; things often do seem better when we get rid of troublemakers, but without troublemakers, how will we learn to think different?
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