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Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 11, 2003.

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    Members of Thrice's mailing list received the following email, letting fans know about their October 15th performance, and that their music would be available on iTunes for Mac and PC:

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    Just beautiful. That is music to my ears.
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    Powerbook G5

    Sweet :D
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    awesome! i thought they were supposed to do a live stream though.
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    but then...

    would you go impulse-buy their music on iTMS ?!?!

    didn't think so
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    Great, but ...

    This is the very problem that Apple dreads. One of the very reasons Apple keeps close ties with it's 3rd party developers and one of the reasons independent labels were limited at first, is because of loose lips. While most of the world already is reporting iTunes for Windows as coming, it is a disservice to Apple, announcing as this band did. The message would have been just as effective without the blurb about PC and iTunes inclusion.

    A NDA is a NDA - if you don't know what NDA stands for, you probably don't need to know the information you're not suppose to disclose ;)
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    Already bought the last Thrice CD on ITMS. Totally worth 10 bucks.
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    I fail to see how a slip like this really hurts anyone. It's not as if the average windows user is going to turn on the local news at 6 and find out iTunes will be out next week. A handful of mac users and a very small amount of windows users know that something may be coming. It's no secret Apple has been working on iTMS for Windows and planned to release it before the holidays. If anything leaks like this will stimulate more of a buzz over the performances at the Apple stores.
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    Re: but then...

    Good point.:D
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    Did anyone else get a funky vib off of this comment?
    I don’t know how computer literate this person is but stressing that it would be recorded and made available for Mac and PC If iTMS was only offered in one format they would have said “Made available on iTMS.” In another thread someone had suggested that Apple may actually have actual WMA downloads. Many, including me, had dismissed this option for a number of reasons. Apple may have not. Ick. Offering actual D/L WMA means more disk space, more time in conversion, more headaches to make sure there is a sync between the AAC and WMA section when new stuff comes out. *shakes head*
    Then again this person may have misspoken. *shrugs* It would be a small easily made mistake.
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    Not really a slip...

    they technically aren't revealing anything, just saying that the audio will be available on iTMS at a later date. Apple's already announced they are going to have a Windows iTMS.

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    Re: Not really a slip...

    right. I agree (Although, I'm also convinced that it's happening that day, too). :)
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    So what are the chance of...

    So what are the chances of Thrice being "Jobsed" in a fit of retaliatory pique?

    Wonder who their understudy is and when we'll find out... not like they're Time magazine or anything.
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    I think you took this comment wrong. Just cause iTunes might support WMA doesn't mean there will be WMA downloads. iTunes supports MP3 and do you see any MP3's to download, or WAV files.... no.

    A logical reason to support WMA is that since other online music services offer downloads only in WMA then that way iPod would be compatible with them and thus opening the market even further for Apple.

    edit: Another reason it could be stressed is that most people only know iTMS as Mac only. Since PC access is around the corner I think it would be a good idea to stress Mac AND PC. The new iPod ads do.
  15. dho
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    That kinda let the cat out of the bag
    I like surprises:(
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    Re: Re: but then...

    Off topic, but Kucinich is a fantastic candidate. It's great to see other supporters!
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    well, don;'t go to rumor sites ;)
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    Re: Thrice Mailing List - iTunes PC

    Huh? Why was it necessary to say "Mac and PC". Why just not say "available on iTunes." ??

    Whoever sent this e-mail knew the importance of the PC release and couldn't help but tell everyone about it.
  19. Sol
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    Another premature specification.

    I would not be surprised to see Thrice dropped from this event and replaced by another (hopefully better known) band.
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    Apple can't axe them this close to the event. it would be very bad press. especially because there are many people waiting hat will get mad.
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    Well can you?

    Aw, come on, now- you can never really have enough confirmation, can you?

    It's nice to hear something confirmed once- but when you hear it confirmed twice by different companies, it's even nicer. And when you hear it Thrice? Well, then it's just a really bad pun. A really bad pun, indeed.

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    Re: Another premature specification.

    Better known != Better I'm sick of all the boy bands, one hit wonders, and shake and bake songs that come out today.

    I've never even heard of Thrice and I'm excited as heck to get a chance to wander around iTMS and see what's available. No more $15.99 purchase for a single track that I like. I have a big *** collection of MP3's and many are pirated. If given the chance I would gladly purchase the music. Up til now no one has given me that chance in a manner that respects my rights as a consumer. Apple is going to give me that chance Thursday. I can't wait. :)

    My biggest concern right now is when I finally do get a Mac (still looking at spring to summer for a PowerBook.) that the songs won’t transfer from the PC to the Mac. :(
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    I think that you're reading way too much into this comment. I think that it was only to indicate that Windows users will be able to access iTMS now, too.

    Well put.

    As a side note, I wonder if we'll see a Linux version of iTunes with the iTMS at any point...
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    i doubt a linux version would be available in the near future. it's not really known by many average consumers, but i could be wrong.
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    Keep their mouths shut

    They have no need to engorge themselves on the hard work of Apple employees. They will make money selling songs. The want to give their followers a heads up...All they needed to do was tell them to stay tune. Or Ituned....

    Steal thunder is hazardous to health..Might get an apple on the head.

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