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Thunderbird 3 alpha 1

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 14, 2008.

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    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Thunderbird 3 alpha 1
    Description:: Cocoa-native, works with OS X' Address Book, tabbed messages...

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    Oh man, Cocoa native? Finally. That's why I don't use Mozilla's stuff , because it's not cocoa.
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    Mozilla is the best free open source company
    glad to hear it is cocoa native
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    It's not entirely cocoa native. :( THere are elements, but a lot of it is still crappy not-matching-anything-else-in-Mac-OS-X garbage.
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    Why bother, mail.app works fine. Thunderbird was great in windows, but osx already has one built in.
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    I'm very interested

    I would like to see a strong competitor to Mail.app right now I feel its the only serious choice, I haven't looked at entourage 08 yet.
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    Glad to see it's a native Cocoa application now. I've always liked Thunderbird, and if v3 really takes advantage of all the technologies within OS X now that it's Cocoa, then it will likely replace Mail for me.
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    Its an ALPHA for a reason.
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    You don't even know what that means, do you?
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    I've written Cocoa apps since 10.3.

    Notice none of the text boxes support OS X spell checking/dictionary functions, clicking+holding in the text box and moving the mouse down out of the box doesn't highlight the contents, contextual menus are square not rounded (Leopard), etc, etc. This has nothing to do with the fact it's alpha, because these attributes are inherited automatically, not something that has to be coded.

    It's the little inconsistencies like these that I absolutely hate. GUIs can be a work of art, and if developers can't take the time to do them properly, I just can't respect that.
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    Surely you've yet to hear of the Adium X project, otherwise you'd never say that.
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    except its not that great, has lot of trouble with many IMAP servers, has problem with corrupted POP3 mails, difficult to colorize the messages.

    anyway, why bother with any competition in any area anyway? is that your logic?
    thats quite a personal opinion. isn't it?
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    And copes very poorly with large mailboxes, if my office is anything to by.

    But, it is pretty :)

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