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Ti (help with my crazy battery)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Clark C, Sep 17, 2003.

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    My Ti Book just started going all crazy. When the computer is plugged in and hits a 100% charge, the computer acts like it is unplugged. The light on the powercord turns off. The only way to charge it, is to unplug the cord from the outlit and plug it back in. Just a minute ago the battery said 56% then when to sleep. I pluged it back in and the battery said 0%. Anyone have the slightest clue with what is up?

    Thanks a lot.
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    how old is your TiBook? it sounds like it could be the power adapter... probably best to take it into a Apple Store to get it looked at, or you could check the Apple KnowlegeBase to see if there are any articles on the subject for your model of PB.

    hope you find out what it is. :)
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    I had something similar happen to my 4 month old tibook. I'm 99% sure your battery is toast. It seems to be a fairly common occurance. If it is still under warranty, Apple should replace the battery for you for free. Otherwise, you're probably up for a new battery.:(

    But first, try zapping the pram, reset the power manager and see if this helps (very small chance)

    another (ex) Brisvegas guy
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    drMinky, an ex BrisVegas guy eh? boy we sure seem to get around. :p

    ah yes, zapping the pram and other placebo's... :D

    anyway Clark C, let us know what the problem was. :)
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    hmmm.... I got my TiBook last October. So it is under a year old. How long are the warranties? The power is doing weird things, sometimes when I plug the power into the back it does nothing. I have to pull the outlet out and plug it back in. Hopefully I can still get it fixed for free.
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    Go get it fixed ASAP! Unless you have AppleCare, the standard parts warranty lasts exactly one year from date of purchase. Don't call Apple, because they'll charge you a phone consultation fee. If you have an Apple Store or a reseller nearby, bring it in, and they should take care of it.

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