TiBook - audio in?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kay, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. kay
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    Do 15" TiBooks have analog audio-in ports?
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    I thnk so, on the back the 56k modem and S-video. I'll double check, be right back...
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    I see a port on mine between the modem and S-video but I couldn't tell you what the symbol meant. So yeah, useless post.
  4. kay
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    heh, that's what i asked... since when does apple put completely useless symbols next to ports? :-D
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    chech this out

    I guess that it was, now I was right. well I own one and I didnt 100% know so it was good to confirm... Not waste of a post, sometimes things are to obvious that need to be pointed out, cause maybe it was that easy. Maybe toooo easy sometimes, but only sometimes... ;)
  6. kay
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    awesome, thank you very very much
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    yes, the tiBook (at least the last revisions) have an audio-in (I used them alot to record with Spark.)

    the quality is pretty good to (well, for a Laptop audio-in...)


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