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Tibook cases

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by iimpey, Oct 4, 2001.

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    Does anyone know of a good case for my TiBook, I would like more of a backpack since i am a teenager i would also like it to look cool. Thanks in advance. iimpey@home.com
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    Youre a teengager with a Tibook???
    That takes the f*cking p*ss.

    life is so unfair.
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    Check out the "Brain Bag" by Tom Bihn (www.tombihn.com). I've got one and it looks great, plus it has two separate compartments inside, one for the TiBook, and another for accessories, or even (gasp) books! You do need to buy the actual case for the TiBook along with it, but the ones he sells there actually clip into the bag, making it very secure and stable. They are a little on the pricey side, but they're hand made and high quality. I hope you'll take this old (cough) 23 year old's advice.
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    I'm glad somebody else said that first. :)

    I can't offer you TiBook case suggestions, since I don't have one, but I can offer you a virtual smack in the head. *smack*
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    The kid is lucky

    The kid is lucky.. thats all. If I had tones of cash.. and I had a kid.. I would give them a TiBook. But I would make them earn it and work to build character. But Its ok to be lucky.

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    Palo Alto Apple store

    Has anyone given thought to a new Ti debut at the Palo Alto store grand unveiling? Given its proximity to Apple and Mr. Jobs. Wondering and hoping...sometime this month
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    Power to learn...

    Kids should have the power to learn. I bought my kid iMac when he turned 15 months. He's got the mouse thing down. Disney Leaning CD's are great! I'll probably give him my PB G3/400 when he's 6 or so. He can haul it to grandmas and stuff. But seriously. I think it'll help our kids so much to have that jump start. I wish I did. I was at my first mac when I was 15 (freshman in Highschool) now they are teaching kids to type in 2nd grade! I think thats cool!
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    Re: Palo Alto Apple store

    I doubt that will happen... I'll be there to document it either way. :)
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    Ignore them, they're just jealous. Anyway, Timbuk2 makes the coolest insert made specifically for the Ti-book. You can go to their site and custom design your own messenger bag and then select the color of the Titanium computer insert to match.
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    Hell yeah I'm jealous. Your point? ;)

    I definitely agree kids should have computers as early as possible, but a TiBook is, frankly, way overkill. It's like buying your kid an Acura NSX when he gets his learner's permit.

    I mean, you know, if you have money spewing out of every orifice and have to do -something- with it so it doesn't pile up to the ceiling, then why not, I suppose, but if I were gearing up my (presently nonexistent) kid, he'd get an iMac or if he was REALLY lucky an iBook.

    But hey, that's just my perspective, and I'm only half serious about all this anyway, so don't take me too seriously. :)
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    The TiBook of the kid

    I would give to my kid a Tibook just if he where brave enough to faight the hi-jackers and land the 4 planes at same time. That would be the only reason. I would never give soch expensive machine to a boy. Even the machine is expesive and USELESS enough to even buy it. Not without a combo drive at list.
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    The reason i am jealous is cos firstly i never had anything like that when i was his age.
    Secondly i dont even have anything like that now.
    Thirdly i am jealous of any1 with a TiBook because i believe it gives a false sense of self esteem without getting you all dizzy. (unlike alcohol)

    (despite being ultra thin i tend to think most guys use their laptops as p*nis extensions)

    But hey i live in a kickass city (London), so thats a reason to be really jealous of me.

    But people please remember our hippy spirit, peace love and harmony. Remember our roots as mac fans and remember how Apple all started.
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    thanks for the info, just for your info i bought it my self, i use it with final cut pro. thanks.
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    Feeling jealous?

    I wish a TiBook was the only thing missing in my world. I live in a city where there are 67 death because of the crime just on week ends. I have a president who gave $1.000.000 to the poor Afganistan when we have a 40% of unemployment rate. I spent 60$ in studies in the US to come back and make $900 a month doing web pages. Beside, my president is Fidels Castros best kid and we are falling in to a dictatorship. So.
    -I'm making with my knoledge less of what I would be making working in a Mac Donalds in the US.
    -I'm 26 and I still living with my parents because I can not afford my own place.
    -A hudge ammount of crime around.
    -Ditactorship + comunism (in the 21st century).

    I do not care if the kid have a TiBook to edit the Apples TV comertials. I had toons in equipment when I was young and at the end it is just equipment. It is like the chinnese food of the conscience... it is gonna satisfy you for a while but later you may need more.
    Nothing like buying a Pismo with 256 of ram at $1400 with extras include it and doing the same exact thing like the kid for half of the price! =)

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