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Tibook dead backlight?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by DJMad, Sep 30, 2005.

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    So the backlight seems to be dead. Though it does light up when I start the computer or wake it from sleep, but this only lasts for about a second. I took my screen apart and there does not seem to be any lose wires. I also checked the computer and everything seemed to be how it should. At this point I am thinking maybe just the screen powersupply is dead but not sure. If anyone has any tips or things I could try it would be a big help. I am just hoping that it is a cheap fix, and I dont have to replace the screen.
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    The hinges on the TIbook (and all laptops, btw) contain the video cables. (Don't know what that's called exactly). You have to either buy a new screen altogether, or have someone see if they can't access the weakened cable through the hinge area. I just had this happen on a Tibook I sold to a Mac rumours member and it was fixed this way.

    But I also heard that the backlights dim on Tibooks, and am interested in figuring out how to replace backlights on them as well. Tho I don't think this is your problem -- I think it is a faulty cable,probably exacerbated by your opening and closing of the lid.

    PS FOr some reason, I am always loathe to move my ibook or Tibook screens alot. I never close them all the way if I don't have to (if they are on my desk, for instance). More movement exacerbates the problem of worn out cables through the hinges.
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    Well my hinges where the first to go about 6months ago, so I knew about the cables in there. I am just trying to figure out if it is just the backlight/cable or if it is the inventor board. I rather not spend tones of money if possible. As a poor university studient I dont have much if any extra cash around. This is why I still do not have new hinges.
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    It sounds to me like the inverter is faulty, it is located in the PowerBook itself, not the screen. Take it to an AASP.

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    If it is the inverter, and your Tibook is out of warranty, Apple will replace/fix the whole logic board for 300-350, plus look at your hd and optical drive. Not cheap, but at least they offer this program -- I just benefitted in a major way on an out of warranty 1ghz tibook.

    What ghz/mhz is your Ti?
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    My tibook is 1ghz.

    I tried working the wires that run from the backlight to the other cable, and I was able to get the backlight to stay on for about 15s before it shocked me. So this has given me 2 ideas: #1 maybe it was only a problem with the cable but I just shocked it now killing the inventor board. #2 it is still the cable, and a simple splice and twist will fix it.

    I have been sitting here with a razor thinking about trying to fix the cable. The only issue I have with this is the fact that I would have to connect both cables together. Currently there is a pink and white cord that runs from the inventor board to just before the hinge, then the black and gray connects to that and runs into the backlight. I have come accross many posts talking about the cables being dammaged by hinges. So since I really dont have the money to fix this right now, and need a computer I think it might be a good idea to try.

    This though brings up a few questions I have for everyone.
    a. If I do end up stripping the wires, what is the best way to deal with them? Currently I was thinking of twisting and covering with a plastic twist thing you use for lights and such, and or electrical tape.
    b. Obviously it would be good to not connect the wrong wires together, because that will cause real problems. Both sets of wires use different colours, so this makes me nervious. Though I am assuming that the connecter just acts as a patch so I should be able to just connect it to the wire that comes out the other side of the connecter right now.
    c. Assuming that I splyce and it does not work, is it possible to buy these connectors again? Or will I have just forced myself into buying a new backlight?
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    It is a common problem. I'll PM you what I know.
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    Would connecting it to another monitor tell you if it's an internal problem or the monitor?
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    I would think that testing it out with another moniter would answer some of my questions. But only if that moniter was the same make and model as the one on my laptop. I have had no problems connecting my laptop upto a normal moniter, but that really does not solve my problem since I really would like to regain the mobility of a laptop. I use my computer to take notes in class, and at work.

    But if I could find someone with the same make and model as mine, I am almost positive I could see if it was the inverter board, cords, or the actual backlight. But currently I do not know anyone who has the same laptop as me in the local area. And I am not too sure how many people would be ok with me opening up there computers and pulling stuff out.

    After adding up all the costs of replacing the broken items on my laptop it comes out to between $300-$1300. I found hinges on ebay for about $130 a set and the inverter board for about $70 without shipping and handling. Depending on the actuall problem, I will do one of three things.

    1. Buy the parts and fix the comp, *cheer for credit cards in a pinch*
    2. If the cost is above $500, I will just buy a new ibook with my educational discount, since it is my last year in school. And it seems apple has some good payment options for students. (I know they are switching to intel but do you really want the first version? that is what got me into problems with this computer)
    3. If it is below $500 but I don't want to deal with the credit card reality. I will just keep using it as a desktop with the moniter I have here. Personally I am just so happy I have this moniter otherwise I would be in a really bad situation for school and work.
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    Sorry for asking but it has been bothering me... what exactly is a TiBook?
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    The Tibooks where the first round of g4 powerbooks, and were made out of titanium. Albooks where the 2nd and current round of powerbooks, and are made out of aluminium.
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    were you able to fix the problem?

    i have a tibook with damaged (cut) backlight cables, and i was wondering if it's possible to fix the cables without actually replacing the lcd.



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