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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by uhlawboi80, May 14, 2004.

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    OK, well after getting it figured out that my HD was crashing id gotten the computer working long enough to last till i got the HD replaced...only before that happened i tripped down the stairs carrying my computer and it got busted up.

    The computer was off and the casing looks pretty busted up, as in cracked to the point where the computer wouldnt be useable in its current state. The computer is being replaced, only i stil have the old one...The CD-RW/DVD, the logic board (800mhz g4), ram, airport card, and other parts inside seem to be completely unharmed. The guy at the apple store said it looked like the "indsides" were basically fine just my case and screen were not fixable.

    The question is: is there any salvage value in whats left? the apple store and lists part costs and some online repair shops list upgrade logic boards for people etc., so i figure even though the parts were in use for about a year and a half, to some degree they would still have value. Any thoughts on what the general value is or would be?
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    does nobody have any knowledge of salvage value or know of any company or sight that might have information on some sort of salvage evaluation scheme? I've looked without much success
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    eBay should give you an idea. I believe the two most expensive parts on a laptop are the LCD and the logic board. Since your LCD is blahed, I would guess you could get something like $600-700 from the parts if sold separately. But this is only a guess from what I seen whole laptops go for (and screens tend to be like $700-800 I think).
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    yeah, looking at eBay and some sites that buy for parts, if i auctioned off the parts seperately then i could make more, but thats such a pain in the a$$. Im just hoping to maybe get like 500 for it, but we will see...i may just post it as is on eBay and see if someone wants to just get it for parts...

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