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TiBooks with superdrive shipping

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Stelliform, Nov 15, 2002.

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    I purchased my TiBook with superdrive at 8am the morning they were availible. When I checked my status today I saw that it had gone back to being reviewed. When I called Apple they said that they were having a problem with my apple credit line, and that it would have shipped yesterday.

    So, for those of you who ordered early, expect your TiBooks soon! :) :) :)
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    It appears that I was given false information. On a second call to Apple, it turns out when there is a long delay in shipping they run your accounts early. The first Apple rep told me that since they ran my credit it would have shipped yesterday. The second one told me that there is still a 2 week delay on any shipments of TiBooks with superdrive. :(

    Sorry for the false alarm.
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    Maybe if the could actually work on the production of Powerbooks, instead of having to answer all your calls, we would all get our Ti's. Leave them alone and let them work dude!!!!!!!
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    This is actually not a false alarm. Many have posted on MacNN's forums that Apple has shipped out their Ti Superdrives. They all had ordered within the first few minutes of the laptop beings available, so that's at least some good news. I ordered mine on Friday, hopefully it'll ship out sometime this coming week.
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    Yeah I guess the question is which Apple Rep was right. My order is back to being assembled with a lower total now.

    (Which doesn't add up. ) You never know, mabey it will ship this afternoon. I did place my order less than half an hour after the apple store came back up.
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    Well I ordered mine when they came out, and still no shipment.

    They did send my Pro Mouse and Brenthaven II (a lot of good that will do :rolleyes: )

    You shoulda doubled your RAM Stell, it was a cheap upgrade!

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    Where is my TiBook??

    I am dying to get my new TiBook! My girlfriend oredered the same day a new iBook and she recived it today from macZone....:mad:

    They told me it should take 2 or 3 weeks....

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    I would have upgraded the RAM, but my Apple line was only for $3300. :( I was afraid to put it over the top. I drop alot of $$$ at the office on computer stuff. So I will pick some up later. I have a couple of laptops at the office that could use an upgrade in RAM. :)

    Turns out that my fears have come true. Apple put some temporary charges on my credit line, and then they couldn't run the final charges for my TiBook. Then when I got it straightened up this morning, they must have bumped me to the end of the queue. I have an estimated ship date of Dec 6th. And he confirmed that they are shipping out some, just not alot. He says that the demand was greater than they expected.

    So if you were luckier than me, and you ordered early, you will recieve your TiBook shortly. :)
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    That stinks they screwed up your credit line. I would be totally pissed if I had to wait any longer than I already do :eek:

    Where did you find your estimated ship date was Dec. 3?

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    Would it make anyone mad if they new I have had a Prototype for 3 weeks??
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    The Apple Rep told me my estimated ship date on the phone. I will just keep hoping he is wrong. Dell does that all the time. They give you some off the wall ship date and then deliver early.

    I guess you can call it the Scotty Principal. You know you can never be considered a miracle worker if you tell people the actual time it will take you to do something. :D
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    Any impressions you can share Spock or are you toying with our emotions?

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    Powerbook with Superdrive definitely shipping

    I already posted this in a different topic, but...

    I ordered mine a bit before 11am EST the day they came out. It shipped yesterday out of Taiwan.

    I ordered it off the Educational store and did the double your RAM offer. I also paid for expedited shipping.

    I tried to start a new post about this, but the forum won't let me...do you have to post a certain number of messages first before you can start a new thread?

    Only problem is that I'm leaving the country Monday, and will probably not get it in time...anybody know how easy it is to refuse a shipment and get your money back from Apple?

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    It is now showing that they dropped my Laptop Price by $20. I guess that was the bone they are throwing me for the delay in shipment. :) Oh well I am a PC user. M$ has screwed me way worse than this. That is why I am not upset. At the office I have to pay $250 a pop to call M$ on tech support problems.

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    Re: Powerbook with Superdrive definitely shipping

    As long as it wasn't that main new section, you can start new threads ;)

    Congrats on your order. I also bought from the edu apple store, doubled the ram, but I opted for the extra days with the free shipping :)

    I'm not so sure its so easy to cancel your order once it's shipped...apple won't like that :eek:!
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    Mad? No not mad. Jealous yes, mad no.
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    Should have it tomorrow or Friday!!!

    I did what alot of people are doing. I cancelled my order with Apple, and I just ordered with Small Dog. They have 10.... Uhh 9 Now in stock!!!!

    They tell me it should ship today! I can't wait. A new toy for the weekend.

    :D :D :D
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    What's with the picture?

    Funny they are still using a beige G3 tower for the being assembled picture! :confused:
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    Small Dog is pretty cool. I watched the shipping guy prepare my Powerbook from the dogcam. :) I am certain it is mine since the webpage only shows one sold today.

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    Anyone with some spare cash want to buy me one. MSN Messenger me or e-mail dsl1@iowatelecom.net Thanks!!!!
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    Over Achiever

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    I got it this morning! It is very fast! Looks great! Order at Small Dog!. :) :) :)
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    My new 1GHz TiBook has been shipped from Taiwan. I ordered it from the Apple Store around 4 weeks ago...:D :D :D

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