Tiger Caged by SMB, Active Directory Problems

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 6, 2005.

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    I think the media is making a huge deal about these networking issues with Tiger. 99.9% of businesses that rely on Macs, or any OS for that matter, will NOT be on the pre-order bandwagon for any x.0 software.

    Yes, this is a serious issue, and maybe Apple should have waited a month for the release; but for now anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that 10.4.1 will be ready for primetime, and then I'll unwrap the box from Amazon and have a go at it :p
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    If I were running a large business network, there is no way I would install a 0 point release in the first week after release. I run a network that is far from enterprise level and I wouldn't even dream of that. I understand if some individuals/self employed persons are upset by the SMB bugs, but any business should hit themselves in the head with a shovel for doing something that stupid.
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    We are considering it at work but at this point Tiger doesnt appear to offer any huge benefits over Pather regarding networking or security. Our admin is probably going to wait till .2 or .3 release so see if there is anything that we need.
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    Your admin prob doesn't know a damn thing about ACL's or is doing everything from the Unix command line. Eek. ACL's in X are a VERY big deal to even medium sized environments.
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    Actually it is probably me that doesn't know a lot about ACL's rather than him.
    Which is fortunate becasue I am Mac op involved in produciton rather than a sysadmin ;)

    Don't worry we have a copy of Tiger, it is more just a case of evaluating it and seeing how much it will improve our pre pres work flows some of which are already fully automated under Panther. From what I have also been reading elsewhere

    There are still a lot of pre press and font management extension suppliers who have not updated their apps for 10.4 yet. Since these are the types of issues that could throw a spanner into our workflows. I would imagine that the company I work for will be holding off as would a lot of New Zealand based desing and print/pre press companies untill the issues with Tiger have been sorted out.

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