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Tiger - More "Oh" than "Wow"

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 8, 2005.

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    I agree, i went to the Apple Store to play with Tiger the other day and I wasn't horribly impressed. I tried it out on the Mini (which is the closest machine they have there to my TiBook) and Spotlight was a lot slower than I expected, 2-3 seconds to complete a search. Dashboard was fun, but not fun enough. Ultimately not a significant enough upgrade to warrant 70 starving-student dollars.

    If only they could pack in some performance upgrades, maybe a redesigned Finder, and some type of cool backup program, I'd have to reconsider. I know, I say it like it's so easy, but that's my right as the naive consumer :) For now I'll just wait for Leopard or Cougar or whatever the next big cat will be...
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    I haven't tried it on my Tibook but I know on my iMac it works as soon as I type something and it only has 512MB of RAM and a old 1.25 G4 processor.
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    tiger came with a hell of a lot more upgrades than basic users like you will and do use. there was more changed than spotlight and dashboard
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    I agree
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    Would pretty colors make you satisfied?
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    Ummm... sorry guys, first time I've commented on Tiger but I have to agree with my friend at the top of the thread - being a student as well I decided to get the educational discount so it didn't break the bank - £50, but unless I got an educational version that lacks some features... I haven't noticed a massive difference!

    New safari is... RSSeriffic - haven't really found a great use for RSS yet, it's like reading the BBC news front page without all the nice layout and graphics that they've spent money on.

    New mail is big! The mail window itself seems a little cumbersome, sometimes too big for my little 12" powerbook screen to handle...

    Oh, the new screensavers are pretty

    Spotlight and Dashboard have been talked about at length, but on both my PowerMac G5 and my PowerBook... they fail to impress to the extent I thought they would. Spotlight's useful...

    ... but is it worth the full price? I think it's more of a £30 upgrade myself, because from my point of view - what have I gotten? Some shiny widgets, faster searches, and a couple of my programs don't work properly yet (like bits on wheels)

    Maybe I should have stayed on panther...

    But maybe I'm wrong! Can anyone tell me some other features I might have missed?!

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    I am a very new Mac user. I have used an Apple IIe in the past. Yuck. Now I have an iBook 14'.

    Was their a Tremendous difference between 10.2 and 10.3?

    More of a difference than between 10.3 and 10.4?
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    There were more noticeable changes between 10.2 and 10.3 than 10.3 and 10.4 - or at least that's kinda what we're discussing here!

    If you want to know more, I recommend checking out the Ars Technica review linked from the story - at the top of the second page there's a list of reviews of previous OS X's - from the 2nd Developer Preview right through to 10.4.

    Enjoy :)
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    yeah, I don't totally see a lot of end-user differences, really. I mean, finder labels are still stinky, and you can't do much with a folder other than watch it be blue (wished for a icon of the major documents or apps in the folder to be put on the folder itself).

    Dashboard seems to be just another application and doesn't have much to do with the OS at all. For example, when I change zip codes, I have to go in to all those stupid location-dependent widgets and enter in a new zip code.

    Spotlight is pretty clever, in that you can use it in Open Dialogs and Finder windows, but Dashboard just seems like eye candy, really. Eh, maybe it'd be different if I didn't have Konfabulator (which you gotta give credit to for at least making the widgets all shiny and professional)

    - The finder remained pretty much unchanged (with the exception of the afore mentioned spotlight)
    - Mail seems to be the same, but just LOOK different (and also smartfolders ala spotlight)
    - iChat seems to be mostly the same. Groups, which I don't use, and 3-way video chat. I use Adium anyways, and only switch to iChat now for when I wish to receive or send files.
    - Automator is alright if you wanna steal a lot of pics off of porn sites. I was going to use it to download a bunch of bug reports from Bugzilla so that I could spotlight them, but the Safari action doesn't know how to log in.
    - You can hold down Apple-Ctrl-D over any word in any (cocoa) application and it'll popup a definition

    There really isn't anything majorly groundbreaking, yet at the same time, I don't know what they COULD do that still needs done. Perhaps resolution independence, so I could shrink the whole interface to give me more space.
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    just wait

    Just wait till the 10.4 only apps start appearing and you'll be glad you got it. Core Video, Core Image, Core Data, etc are some major cool things that the average user won't notice till the apps start taking advantage of it.
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    He made a comment about the fact that there's no Apple stickers in the box, but there never has been. The stickers only come with a new computer or iPod (maybe a display, but I've never bought one). Stickers have never come with a software upgrade, at least not OS X.
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    Quite right. The majority of the changes are 'under the bonnet'. You're going to have to wait for Tiger-optimised apps before you'll see too much of a difference. Take a look at Core Image Fun House (/Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools) for an example of what Tiger can do.
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    Ill be keeping an eye on Philip Roy's articles regarding Tiger and will post them here as he delves deeper into the system and discovers more of the features that Apple has put under the hood. This initial report is just based on he first weekend of exploration.
    For those of you who don't know, Philip hosts the NZ Macguide website and also tutors at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
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    The key is going to be hard drive speed. Since Spotlight is accessing a hard drive based plain text index its hitting the hard drive every time you type something into Spotlight. So the Mac mini who has a 4800 RPM drive is going to feel substantially slower then a PowerBook that has a 5400 drive or an iMac that has a 7200 drive.

    For more info see: http://arstechnica.com/reviews/os/macosx-10.4.ars/9

    I bow before the all knowing folks at arstechnica.

    PS- I know its blasphemy but screw Spotlight. The tech that gets me feeling all hot and funny in Tiger is Automator. Scripting for the rest of us? Yah. I’ve show several friends this app at the Apple store and they were drooling. When most apps get plugins for Automator…*Drools* :D
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    Esp with magic brownies. Does Tiger come with magic brownies?
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    Savage Henry

    I'm still seeing things through rose-tints as I came from Jaguar by-passed Panther entirely and am now riding Tiger. For me the upgrade has been completely warranted; I mean, I never even used Exposé until now! ... but I do sympathise with those making the leap from Panther. Sure, it's got excellent (for me) Spotlight, faster Safari, snazzier Mail, interesting Dashboard, breezier Preview ... It's early days yet for me (I still haven't even clicked Automator yet) but if I had already been running Panther, I'm not so sure I'd have bothered with the upgrade.
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    Seriously though, I agree that my issues with Tiger are superficial and there're probably tons of improvements under the hood quite worthy of seventy measly dollars. I wholeheartedly encourage Apple to reveal to me, the unappreciative end-user, the true sexiness of Tiger in the form of future applications and such. As for now, I still can't justify to myself spending $70 for faster search and built-in Konfabulator.

    Oh and Automator of course. I too wet myself a little bit when they announced Automator. ;)

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