'Tiger' Trips Up Some Creative Workflows

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 6, 2005.

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    Yah know. I consider it critically stupid that none of these software shops didn't bother to test their software against a dev version of Tiger. I mean most dev shops should be able to afford a subscription to Apple's dev network to get their hands on a copy.
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    I agree. My company is not as big a macromedia and we tested tested ore software with our ADC membership builds... Now I'm sure macromedia is a major partner.
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    Eweek is WEAK!!!!

    There has been nothing but negative reporting from eWeek. They must be pro microsoft. I wonder if this magazine isn't paid to publish negative article geared to hurting Apple.

    I have not experienced anything but positive results. My machine runs faster and is more efficent than before.

    Stop the slandering eWeek and do some unbias reporting for a change.

    Now that preaches!!!
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    Word-for-word, this is the exact same thing you posted in another thread that I've just read... if anything's weak, it's your imagination. Reposting is not a habit that you want to get into around here.
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    And I find it boring to slightly annoying when people say about everyone who's not glamouring all over Apple: "They must be pro-Microsoft. And they are paid to bad-mouth Apple." Give me a break!

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