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Tim Cook Emphasizes Importance of Voice Messaging, Sparking iWatch Speculation

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 2, 2014.

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    UBS analyst Steve Milunovich recently had a chance to meet up with Tim Cook, as detailed in a new note Milunovich sent to investors on Tuesday (via Fortune). During the meeting, Cook reportedly touched on the subject of voice messaging and based on Cook's comments, Milunovich is predicting a voice messaging app as a key feature of Apple's upcoming iWatch.
    Cook's comments on voice messaging were likely in relation to a new feature built into Messages in iOS 8, which allows users to record and send audio messages. In iOS 8, the Messages app has a new Microphone icon located to the right of the text box, which can be held down to record a quick voice message.

    It is not known if Apple has plans to build a similar feature into the iWatch, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. Rumors have previously suggested Siri's voice-recognition capabilities might play an important role on the device given its limited screen size, and voice messages may be another natural fit.

    Apple's iWatch is said to be entering production in the near future, in preparation for a possible October launch. The device, which is expected to run a version of iOS 8, is believed to be reliant on existing iOS devices for some of its core Phone and Messages functionality. Current rumors suggest it may have multiple screen sizes up to 2.5-inches in size, a range of health-related sensors, and a multitude of designs to suit different fashion tastes.

    Article Link: Tim Cook Emphasizes Importance of Voice Messaging, Sparking iWatch Speculation
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    So what you're saying is that tomorrow Samsung announces its Galaxy Gear IV Voice Message model?
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    Tim Cook farted Wednesday afternoon, sparking 14 new apple rumors. Analysts are now saying that Apple is doomed, but someone familiar with the matter told the WSJ that it's Google who should be worried.
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    NY Guitarist

    Can this do voice email? Meaning in addition to voice message within iMessages?
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    Aid penetration of China? The slave labor is not enough? Lets hope this new feature works out well.
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    KITT come in pal....
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    As long as voice isn't the only input on the iWatch. The iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver sucked.
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    I'll be abel to talk into my watch like a G-Man #⌚️ :eek:
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    The only problem with this article is that it doesn't tell us how he came to be so close to Tim... :p
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    Voice messaging isn't going to catch on, it's just too awkward. People already do everything possible to avoid calling someone. Unless its urgent, messaging will be relegated to texts.
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    Think it's more about carplay.
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    NY Guitarist

    'Talk to the hand' :eek:
  13. ahlsn, Jul 2, 2014
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    Apple announced 22 new dictation languages at WWDC14. I think it's pretty clear where this is going.
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    I think this is really meant to (finally) take over for the walkie-talkie "push to talk" functionality that used to be used all the time.
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    Somehow this comment has gotten more tired than Safari is snappier, congrats
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    You should change your handle to Jon Snow
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    this whole iwatch thing... I'm really wondering if it will be for me. I can't figure out at all what it would be good for, other than to please investors.
    But maybe / hopefully I'm just in the dark and it will be a MUST HAVE gadget once it's out... Really curious! :)

    Oh new smileys ;)
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    I thought of this as soon as I saw the round interface for the feature in iOS 8. I imagine the iWatch being similar, with perhaps different swipe gestures activating various interface elements.

    As for why people in China are using voice messaging: Have you seen their language? Yeah. I'd rather voice message too.

    I actually think voice messaging makes more sense than texting but won't ever fully replace it. The voice has inflection (no more misinterpreting a period at the end of a sentence). A short message has the benefit of a text in that you don't get sucked into a conversation that would take more time, yet is less private in that other people can hear you talking out loud. But it's also easier to execute while multitasking. I think that each will have their place in our daily routine.
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    My guess is that texting in Mandarin may take more effort than texting in some other languages, particularly when walking down the street. If so, what might be true for China may not hold for other parts of the world.
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    Tomorrow? They will announce it this afternoon.
    Samsung Galaxy Gear V
  21. Tiger8, Jul 2, 2014
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    WhatsApp had the ability to send voice text for months, if not years. Apple is late to the party here.
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    So then what's the little button just left of the space bar? I've been converting my voice to text for years now.
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    You think Voice messaging will catch on? People still get awkward about even using Siri in public. I just don't see talking briefly to your wrist being a popular method of communication.
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    This isn't voice to text, it's just simply voice.
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    Yep, my bad. It would help if I learned how to read an article instead of just skimming it.

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