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Tim Cook: 'Intense Interest' in Redefining the Television Experience

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 6, 2012.

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    As part of its teaser for tonight's Rock Center interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, NBC points quotes Cook as hinting that Apple is indeed focused very seriously on redefining television.
    Cook's hint comes as Apple has reportedly been struggling to reach content deals that would allow it to create the revolutionary television experience it is looking for. Talks are said to be ongoing, but launches for any new Apple television products, which could include a set-top box or an Internet-connected television set, are said to not be imminent.

    Article Link: Tim Cook: 'Intense Interest' in Redefining the Television Experience
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    Tuning in tonight, for sure. Well done NBC promo guy!
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    Ohhh man let it be.

    If Apple can offer unbundled channels, I'm so in.
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    If that's not a hint, I don't know what is.
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    That's pretty much a confirmation.
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    "When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years," Cook told Williams.

    Tune into NBC tonight(!)
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    Maybe Mr. Cook should finally hang up the rabbit ears antenna and try direct TV or Fios or something modern?
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    if you still don't believe Apple is working on changing TV as we know it then you're in denial.
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    I hope this helps Apple Stock today. GAH!
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    Yes, but the point is are they trying to change it was software, itunes and a $100 hockey puck or are they trying to do it with those three things plus a $1,000 monitor.

    The first one makes the most sense to me. I just don't see how they can get into the massive screen business and still keep their margins up.
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    Don't think this iTV will save Apple from falling. TV set is completely different market, people don't change TV every two years.
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    If they can figure out how to get live sports on there too then I'm in.
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    +1.... current stock activity makes no sense!
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    I'm sure they are looking into it, but it is not something we will get soon. They cannot even reach an agree with their own streaming service....an area when they are a shoe in.
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    Only in the states.:rolleyes:
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    Tim Cook is such a tease.
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    Don't think a mobile phone will save Apple from falling.

    Don't think a tablet computer will save Apple from falling.

    Oh wait! Haven't you learned Apple does things differently? Do you really think that Apple executives don't know that people don't change their TV set every 2 years?
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    Do people buy new mac pros, laptops, and ipods every two years? No! That would be crazy costly but, hey Apple still makes those products. An iTv would be a diffrent product than an iphone and apple knows this same as apple know everyone who bought the new imac won't buy the new imac in 2014. :rolleyes:
  20. sza, Dec 6, 2012
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    Hopefully the new Apple TV will be far beyond just putting the current Apple TV device into the TV. ;)
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    Our TV experience is purely via :apple:TV.
    If we can't get the next Olympics coverage, live, thru something other than subscribing to cable/satellite ... my wife will strangle me.
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    Many asked before and I'll ask again: Why not let the user decide on a TV brand (be it current HDTVs or 4K TVs in the future)?

    The TV is "dumb" in this scenario, all it does is display content via HDMI or wireless

    I still think Apple should continue to focus on the AppleTV box and improve it. The user experience is great for setup, all it takes is a single HDMI cable and Apple can sell into millions of homes who already own HDTVs.

    Apart from integrating a surround system into the TV like Bose did...


    ...I don't see any advantage in Apple selling its own large TV sets. Just think of handling, shipping and storage of these sets in crowded Apple stores etc.

    Microsoft has great ideas in this area with the Xbox360 and Kinect, the new Nintendo Wii U also has nice features (control TV with the gamepad, "second screen" info, metadata, EPG...).

    Unfortunately, Apple is falling behind in the living room in my opinion.
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    Can someone do a mock up for MacRumours of the Cinema/thunderbolt display with the ATV interface on it.

    I'm sick of seeing that TV. :D
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    If the "user experience" is anything like what the Apple TV currently provides I'll pass, thanks.

    For instance - I literally -just- tried to pull up the Star Trek trailer on it. I know it's on Youtube, and I know it's on Apple's Trailer website. But pull up the Trailers app on the Apple TV? Not there. Try to search on the Youtube app? Can't find it.

    I had to pull out my phone and airplay it from a Youtube link on Facebook, which recently sometimes works with Youtube videos and sometimes doesn't.
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    Just another new product launch that Apple can mess up

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