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Tim Hortons bans complaining customer

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by rdowns, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Damn, we better hope Steve Jobs doesn't read this story. :D

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    Haha, Canadians. If that was in the US the owner wouldn't have served him papers, he would have escorted him out at gunpoint :-D
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    Staff prob ganged up on him and put their story to the management though I don't doubt he's an annoying stickler.
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    No coffee for you!!!!

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    You know that what this *customer* is saying isn't the truth. A company like Tim Hortons wouldn't risk their image to ban a customer who wasn't actually perceived to be a concern.
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    Like many of the posters here on MR, Jimmy Craig seems to be under the impression that he has a right to be a customer of a given business, and that that business has some kind of legal obligation to meet his desires as a customer.

    I would certainly hope that his attempt to force this coffee shop to lift his ban will be laughed out of court.
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    He has no case.

    Besides, he's probably one of those bitchy people anyways, who is just trying to cover his own ass by saying what he said. There is def more too it, but only one side really covered here.
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    No, they would have served papers, and promptly gotten sued by said customer. And the customer probably would win a massive civil court settlement.
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    There's a Tim Hortons on every corner in Canada, I don't think he'll have trouble finding another one to go to :D
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    Unless they break down and ban him from the whole chain. :)

    "Everett, when you got banned from Woolworth's, was it just that one store or the whole chain?"
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    If a company is willing to go through the hassle of legal filing, you know the customer must be a pain in the (_!_) of the highest order. What I don't get is why he even wants coffee from a shop who's coffee is so bad it's like "brown, burnt water?":confused:

    "This coffee tastes like crap. Give me another serving.":rolleyes:
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    Did he complain 3 times during one visit or 3 separate ones? If the latter, why keep going back for more coffee?
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    I concur. If he's so dissatisfied with the product and/or service, why would he want to sue for the right to go back? Surely there is more than one place in Canada to buy coffee?

    This guy is nuts,
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    Haha. It would be a throwback to apples OG days then. Just Jobs and Woz on the "safe list".

    I'm sure that would have been better for the company from a PR perspective. :confused:
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    of course his version makes him out to be completely innocent lol

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