Time Capsule as a simple HD?

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by GuillaumeB, Jan 16, 2008.

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    I was just wondering what you guys understood on this Time Capsule thing...I dont use Time machine at all. I tried but find it pointless as i backup documents on my iDisk
    However, I was wondering if Time capsule could be used as a simple wifi hard drive. i dont want to have to buy a Mac Mini just for storage thing but if i could have a central hardrive for my three computers at home and connect it thru wifi then i'm interested.

    is it just glued to Time machine?
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    It mounts as a hard drive, so you can use it directly:

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    I can't see why not. In fact, I am hoping to use one as an iTunes server of sorts and re-rip my CDs at a higher bitrate for better sound quality.

    I am interested to know if hooking up an additional hard drive will allow disk spanning for even larger capacity.
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    According to the specs on the from the apple.com store it says

    "Time Capsule also works great as a wireless hard drive whether you have a Mac or PC. It sets up in a snap, giving you a networked hard drive you can use for storing and sharing any kinds of files."

    So, to answer your original question, yes. You aren't limited to Time Capsule usage.

    Additionally it has a usb port on it which according to apple:

    "USB port for connecting a USB printer or USB external hard drive"

    So you aren't limited by the amount of internal space. It is unclear how an internal and external hdd would interact however.
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    I'm getting one for sure. Is it me or is the 500GB Time Capsules a steal.

    An AirPort Extreme Base Station is USD 179.00. For an additional USD 120, you get a 500GB drive to boot!

    take care,

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    It does seem like the best deal to me.

    My question is can you access the HDD in case of failure so I can replace it myself?
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    ditto. this is what i need to know before pulling the trigger
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    A great deal? You've got to be kidding

    I hate to be the big bummer in this thread, but it is NOT a steal of a deal--especially if you're comparing it to existing devices. An AEBS is 179 USD, and you can get 500GB HD's for $120 all over the place now-- so you're paying for a new device that is just replacing an old device that was advertised as being able to do all of this same stuff, but doesn't. I'm utterly upset that they did all of this without providing an upgrade to make the AEBS work- not only with Time Machine, but even the Airport Disk. They advertise that the Time Capsule will be able to mount external USB drives as well, but I'd be wary of that because it hardly works on the AEBS, which is the same device without a built-in HD. It would be a great deal if they fixed the tens of thousands of AEBS's out there that don't work the way they were advertised.
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    well the value of time capsule has absolutely zero to do with the problem with other existing hardware. i agree that apple needs to correct the issues with using an AEBS and an external HDD. no disagreement there. but again, this has nothing to do with the value of the time capsule. if you dont have the AEBS and an HDD, this is a decent deal. still, i want to know what happens when the HDD fails.
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    Apple Care...
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    and when it expires?
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    To be fair, after that time is about when I stop trusting a hard drive to store any important data because of the increasing risk of failure. Mechanical failure is, after all, a matter of when not if.
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    Say it fails out of warranty . . . there's still a USB port for hooking up more externals. And the router keeps working. Worst case is you have a router and no internal HD -- if they still haven't fixed the Airdisk issue by then, you're no worse off than if you bought AEBS + hard drive (which failed)
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    How many of those $120, 500GB HD are server grade? (50-70K hours)
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    open that puppy up!
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    Of course, if you're using it just as a backup, well, you've got the original data . . .

    It does seem like a pretty good deal--certainly not way *over*priced like memory in any computer. $120 is fair for a harddrive. Of course, this assumes you need a wireless router . . .
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    and whats server grade mean??? ...
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    Time Capsule or NOT - NOT

    One would be better off buying a NAS device. They come with printer support, bit torrent client, ftp servcie, rsync, iTunes server and so much more. Furthermore you can buy one with 2 hard drives and get a real backup solution.

    Synology sells a nice featured box with tech support and there is a real low cost one single drive at http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Stardom/SL36202SLB2/
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    I still don't know why they've not fixed the Time Machine/Airport Extreme Disc problem, since it is apparently not a complicated solution.
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    It's gonna last much, much longer.
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    That's a nifty device, but Time Capsule has some advantages, too. For one thing, TC has a built-in 802.11n base station. TC is simpler (well, that's a disadvantage to people who like to tinker, but a good thing for others). The fans listed in the spec on the NAS you linked to made me worry about how loud it is (Though, for all I know, TC sounds like a jet--will probably have to wait and find out).
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    And an extra powerbrick.
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    Talked to a rep on the floor of MacWorld on Wednesday and he too brought up the fact that the HD inside is 'Server Grade" - meaning of higher quality than what someone will go out if they are looking for the cheepest they can get to hook up to USB port. He made a point to say this is why the new device WILL do those things (Time Machine, network HD sharing) that the current device (with any old USB chepo HD attached) will not.

    This was his explaination why they won't jsut upgrade the software in the current device and let you hook up your own USB HD.
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    can you give me a spec? .. cause I'm pretty sure apple just made this term up...

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