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Time for an Upgrade from a 1.6GHz MBA (Maybe): 2.13GHz Rev. C or 1.86GHz Rev. D?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by andreab35, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Hi guys!

    Well, I think it's time to treat myself to a little upgrade... maybe. I think... I haven't decided yet.

    Currently, I have a revision B MacBook Air - 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HD.

    I'm really considering an upgrade from my current MacBook Air to a newer one.

    Here are the options I was thinking:

    • Rev. C: 2.13GHz, 2GB RAM, 128GB SSD
    • Rev. D: 1.86GHz 4GB RAM

    Since I haven't played with the newer MacBook Airs, which one is a better choice? In other words, which one is faster and has decent battery life?

    I'm not a very heavy user. This is a laptop that is always being used for school work and the whole system runs my business. So, I use Safari, Mail, and MS Office '11 quite a bit. In addition, I use the iPhoto suite for editing photos. I use Photoshop here and there when necessary, but not often.

    The only thing that chases me away from the Rev. D. MacBook Air is that there is no longer a backlit keyboard. My eyes are as blind as a bat, so this would be a total loss for me. I wish I could somehow retrofit a backlit keyboard. :p

    Any pieces of advice would be much appreciated. :)
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    The only pro of rev C is the backlit keyboard. Everything else I can think of is better in the new one, such better battery life and full-size trackpad
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    'Rev D' option - far and away the better choice.

    as for backlit keys - sit in the light of a desk lamp or similar.
    (since upgrading, backlit keys are a feature I've rarely noticed missing)
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    For me not having backlight keyboard would be a show stopper.
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    The case redesign for the Rev D MBA is a big improvement. It's much more comfortable to carry, and much nicer that the ports are exposed instead of hidden underneath by the battery door. Plus the battery improvement is a big deal, and the SSD is much faster for the Rev D model.
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    Rev D, far and away. I had a Rev B with the SSD and the Rev D is significantly better. 4GB is good for the future, and the extra USB port, enhanced NVIDIA graphics, and better heat management go a long way. On top of that, the 13" Rev D has a higher resolution screen.
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    Based on what you wrote, I would pick up a rev C 2.13 via the Apple refurbished store. Those now have the same Toshiba SSD as the new rev Ds so you make up big performance gains. Note, it isn't the same as the D, but you get a lot closer + you get your BL keyboard that reads like a showstopper for you.
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    Consider this also:
    The rev. D (late 2010) has a higher resolution.
    As OS X does not have resolution independence yet, menus and fonts on it's screen will be smaller compared with the same menus and fonts displayed on a rev. C.

    Apart from the backlighted keyboard and the lower resolution (which is preferable for some of us :D) all of the technical specifications except for processor speed are in favor of the rev. D.
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    Rev D and some typing lessons. Then no need for a backlit light. Although I dont understand why they took that feature away.
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    Thank you all for your feedback.

    The reason why I'm pondering about this is because the Rev. C refurbished MBA is a very attractive offer. I don't mind refurbished Apple devices. Heck, I have a refurbished 16GB iPad.

    Rev. D sounds like the way to go. I'll have to check it out. Again, not having a backlit keyboard is a huge loss for me, but I guess I can try living without it. Right now I have the backlight turned off. I'm a touch typer, but having the backlight on would be nice.

    The one click trackpad is a pain for me! A lot of my buddies have newer MacBook Pros with this trackpad, and I cannot get used to it for the life of me.

    But overall, it sounds like both of these will cut the cake for much better performance. Plus, more battery life would be great. Mine gets about 2 1/2 hours and that's it. :confused:

    Looks like I have some decision making to do!
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    It may feel like a big issue in the beginning if you are used to having a backlit KB but it only takes couple of days and you'll be fine without. I wouldn't mind a backlit KB but I've been fine without it, though I've never had a laptop with backlit KB.
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    What is the difference in the resolution between the 2 machines? Thought they carried the same panel. Also is the quality of the screen different?

    I am in a similar situation like the op, just that is a new rev C and not a refurb. And the price for the 128gb is less than the price of a 11'' 128gb SSD.
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    Older ones are 13.3" @ 1280x800, newer ones are 13.3" @ 1440x900
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    alter trackpad settings in System Preferences to suit

    as for battery life - all day normal use on a single charge is a Lay Down Misere for me

    go for the Rev D :D
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    Thanks for all of the opinions everyone. Great info.

    I'll be looking more into these two laptops. :)
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    I originally thought the same way, but then I realized you can still use the glass trackpad in a manner similar to the old one. Just pretend the lower part is a long button and for the most part you can still drag with one finger and click the "button" with your thumb. The only thing I do occasionally is accidentally resize the icons, but there is a system preference setting to disable that.
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    Well guys, I bit the bullet today. I bought myself a 1.86GHz 128GB HD 4GB RAM MacBook Air at the Apple Store online. Bought it for $1339 (includes the state employee discount my father has).

    I sold my refurbished iPad today too - it wasn't getting used. I thought I would be using it, but I find it not to be as useful as I thought.

    Can't wait to get my new baby!
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    lol i live in india and i even don't have option to order an MBA with 4GB ram or 2.13Ghz CPU. Guys if anyone there pls tell me if it really matters while using aperature , photoshop like apps with 2GB ram . I am thinking of getting one MBA rather than waiting for sandybridge to come :rolleyes:
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    I got my new MacBook Air in today. I ordered a 1.83GHz 4GB RAM, 13" system. It's gorgeous, sleek, and runs beautifully. I am very satisfied with it so far. My battery life is still going strong, versus my other MacBook Air which died in 2 hours.

    I'm trying to get used to no backlit keyboard... it's getting dark here and I'm having a hard time seeing in the dark. I'll get used to it.

    Just wanted to share with everyone. :)

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