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Time Gadget of The Week: iPod Shuffle

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 19, 2005.

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    and here I was thinking it would be the Airbus...
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    Can always count on Time to give Apple some positive press
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    Blah blah blah... the Airbus A380 has screens... blah blah blah... the Airbus has a radio... blah blah blah... the Airbus has a microphone for voice... :rolleyes:

    Can we move on, already? The iPod Shuffle IS going to be wildly successful. It meets the needs of many people.

    For the umpteenth time:

    * The iPod Shuffle will play audiobooks. The Airbus will not.

    * The iPod Shuffle is SMALLER and LIGHTER than the Airbus.

    * The iPod Shuffle holds MORE MUSIC than the Airbus.

    * The iPod Shuffle is compatible with iTunes and the iTunes Music Store.

    * The iPod Shuffle costs significantly LESS than the Airbus.

    All these people who want an Airbus A380 (wow, catchy name :rolleyes: )... I say, go get one. The rest of us will enjoy our compact, simple iPods.

    And to the Airbus CEO who badmouths the iPod--let's see how many A380s you sell this year, and how many iPods Apple sells.

    Enough said.
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    Hmmm...I have no idea what an airbus is. I thought the first post was referring to the new jumbo jet that is replacing 747's. It did seem to me that it would be odd to classify a giant plane as a "gadget."

    I guess I'll google airbus.

    On second thought, I don't really care.
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    Googled for you. It is a plane. Two story plane. Looked okay, but I bet it kills the environment with fuel effenciency. Sorry, just finished going through environmental check list stuff and the 108th U.S. Senate, environent's kinda on the mind right now.
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    Oh. Well then what the heck is nagromme talking about up there?
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    But how many millions of ipod shuffle can an Airbus A380 carries?
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    Made ME laugh.
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    At a guess, this.

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    [OFF TOPIC]The Airbus A380 is a lot more efficient than the 747.
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    ...Wanna bet?

    Other than that, congrats for the funniest post in a while on these forums.

    From what I've read, one of the main points of this plane is that it is significantly less polluting than the current Jumbos. (Relatively, of course.)
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    OT Yeah they'll sell a lot of iPod shuffles, but once you break even on the A380, it'll take a lot of iPod shuffles to catch up

    Come on 'nagromme', you forgot to add but, they both MOVE you. :D
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    You bet, it's cost around $12bn to design, but they estimate sales of $40bn. A $28bn profit is a LOT of Shuffles!!! :eek: :p
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    Airbus vs Boeing; Apple vs M$

    You see Airbus finally beat Boeing, when will Apple beat M$?
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    Don't be too sure about this one, most people that travel long haul, hate short hops and changeovers. AFAIK, Boeing is developing smaller planes with a longer range to get to these smaller airports in one hit, they are targetting the customer slightly differently.

    An A380 needs a longer runaway, but it's targetting the airports/airlines with restricted access/landing rights/used up their allocation etc, so that they increase their passenger capacity.

    So back on topic... two different 'platforms' with two different requirements, fulfilling the same goal. One though will be a better user experience...now where have I seen this before:D
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    I mean the revenue of Boeing had already been pass by AB for two years, and now they lost the crown of biggest aircraft to AB
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    I'm starting to sway the other way now. Turns out you can order the Airbus in a variety of color schemes. I like that. It also has wheels--more iPod-like than the Shuffle, really.

    If I hadn't just bought an iPod, I might at least CONSIDER an Airbus 380. But the Shuffle will still sell more units.
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    *lol* :D
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    That would be called humor. Whoosh, right over my head. (not unlike an airbus)
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    Please tell me you guys didn't think I was serious...
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    The biggest question is whether or not you can eat the Airbus...

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    It's a networking device. Pack an Airbus A380 with DVDs and fly it across the Atlantic ocean. Divide the total amount of data by the five hour flight time to get the bandwidth.

    (Hint: It's a really really big number!)
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    100 songs at 160Kbps? Of course. What else would you expect?

    Overall, the article is mostly harmless, but I am bothered by his complaint that he only got 100 songs into it, when (by his own admission) most of his songs were encoded at a 160K bitrate.

    Apple has made no secret of the fact that their capacity estimates are based on a 128K with 4-minute songs. With these estimates, the theoretical capacity of 512M (assuming all of the memory is used for music) is 133 songs - about 10% higher than Apple's published count.

    At 160K, all the files are 25% larger. So any sane person would expect the maximum song-count to be smaller. And it is. At 160K (still assuming 4-minute songs) 512M has a capacity of about 106 songs (again, assuming all of the memory is used for music storage.)

    The fact that this reporter was unable to figure this out (or worse, knew it and chose not to report it) makes him unfit to work as a journalist.
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    Nope, but some thought nagromme was :p

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