Time is ticking

Discussion in 'Community' started by mac15, Jun 6, 2002.

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    Here is a nice novelty well not nice but check it out anyway
    its a countdown timer for your life, just a novelty

    on Sunday, May 2, 2060 I will be gone
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    Mr. Anderson

    Pretty silly. I've seen other versions of this before.

    I'm off in 2049. I wonder what the Macs will look like then...
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    Re: Time is ticking

    Im going out on December 13, 2060, I wonder if Halo for Mac will be out by then.
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    I've got until july 14, 2067. That is of course assuming that i don't cross the road looking the wrong way before then :p
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    Its funny some people will actually believe this and live cautious until that date
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    Well, I am 2044. That sucks man, I want more time than that! Ok. Lets get to work on cyber parts for our bodies and minds :D
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    i got 2055... i guess that's young considering my relative age... ouch

    back-dawg, been quiet lately.... what's that all about
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    Work. Having to setup a Windows 2K Server as a PDC with exhange server. Then connect 200 Macs to it to collect main from it using Outlook 2001. That an another job offer!!!!! If I get it, the ole lady is going to let me get a dual 1.4 in July with two 17 inch LCD's :eek:
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    um, is back-dawg B2TM???

    you keep comin out with these slangs names for everyone and I don't know what the hell you're talking about anymore....I feel like my having stuff to do now and not being here all day has left me having absolutely no idea whats goin on here anymore.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Sounds great. So tomorrow you going to be a demi-god....

    I can't wait to get a new machine, but I'll have to wait until 2003.:(
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    sorry for the confusion... back-dawg's been my nickname for him for a while.... and i figured since i was quoting him it was more obvious. my bad... having stuff to do is NOT a bad thing. trust me.

    b2tm- that's cool. definitely a reason not to be on here.... i got a job by the way. should be good.... and i joined the demi club. you're joining tomorrow apparently?

    keep the fingers crossed on that job then!
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    um... it tells me my time has already expired. :(
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    Mr. Anderson

    you selected the sadist, try the normal and you'll get the average.

    It would be interesting to see if one ever comes out that takes into account your nationality. that data's available, and it wouldn't be that hard to incorporate.
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    actually i had it set to optimistic... i dont think i like this game
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    optimistic: 2078

    normal: 2055

    pess: 2030something

    sadistic: 2018

    who knows....
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    Mr. Anderson

    how old are you....
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    Hmm... My optimistic setting gives me a different date each time. Seems pretty random to me.
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    so my countdown date is Thursday, September 20, 2068_

    damn...I feel like I have so much to do before!!! :eek: :D
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    I haven't checked out the difference....but it's medically know that those who have a more happy, positive outlook in life live longer than those who are more negative & unhappy...
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    especially when all the negative & unhappy people kill themselves :D
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    Ensign Paris

    well I am going to die Wednesday, August 11, 2060.

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    Under normal I had Tuesday, July 13, 2060 , on optomistic I had August 11 2080.
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    Re: Re: Time is ticking

    LOL :D That's funny...

    I'm dead on April 1, 2056. I wonder if that's a joke...
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    I wish I was born on 29 August, 1928. Then I'd die on June 10 and I wouldn't have to sit my exams!

    Heh... that's kind of morbid, isn't it? Exams aren't that bad :)
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    yeah they are over in an hour or so......but everyone hates em

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