Time Machine and NAS on 10.8?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by acosmichippo, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the best place for this thread. Anyway, I'm currently looking for an NAS solution to back up my macs. With a quick google search, I've found that Lion broke Time Machine compatibility for a lot of people's NAS...

    So has anyone tried it with Mountain Lion? Or was the issue resolved in Lion?
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    I use a Synology for several things around the house. I carved off a portion for TimeMachine and have a couple of Macs that backup to it via Time Machine. Both Macs are currently running 10.8 GM now. No complaints.
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    Awesome, thanks.
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    For what it is worth my QNAP works perfectly with Time Machine on my rMBP running Lion. (It's a TS-419p+ but I think the software is common between most of the models.)
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    Just for a conclusion, I ended up getting a Synology ds411j. It's backing up with Time Machine on the Mountain Lion GM right now.

    Thans again for the input.
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    QNAP doesn't work with ML10.8 yet. They're working on a firmware update. Just an FYI. I'm backing up to a FW drive for the time being.

    Seems to me this happened with Lion as well, and QNAP had to update.
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    Those not having problems with Synology and ML could you tell me your Synology Release.

    I am on DSM 4.0-2228 and it I can no longer use it for Time Machine Backups. Had no problems with Lion.
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    I am also having the same issues. Like d21mike said version 4.0-2228 doesn't seem to work with ML.
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    yeah, I'll check when I get home.
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    I'm havin issues with Time Machine on a DLink DNS-320. However I think it is to do with the Asus DSL-N55U router they connect through rather than ML. Anyone got TM working through this router? Had it working on a older router with Lion for a while then it just stopped working one day.

    Was hoping ML was going to fix it for me.

    Flakey to say the least...
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    I am also on 4.0-2228, model DS4111j. It's working just fine for me.
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    That's odd. I can't even see my backup disk. Maybe I'll try to disable/enable it again
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    A restart of my synology fixed it.
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    So far, so good with a DS411 and 10.8.
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    DS212 working fine thr' airport extreme and 10.8. Backing 3 macs with no partition. NAS also iTunes server, plus photos etc.
    Using DSM 4.
    Only one time glitch never repeated.
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    Tried that but did not fix mine.
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    Try disabling and enabling backups.
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    Wireless Backup?

    I'm looking into purchasing a NAS as well, most likely from Synology. Upon further google searching I've found the same as the OP, issues everywhere and little support from either the manufacturer or Apple..

    Just wondering if those of you without problems backing up with Time Machine have been able to do so wirelessly?
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    Well I used a WD mybook live for about 6 months with time machine under Lion both wirelessly and ethernet. At times it was very slow although it never corrupted the sparse bundle. There was never rhyme or reason why at times it would take hours for just an hourly backup. So I only did manual backups.

    I since purchased a Gen4 time capsule and it has worked flawlessly with time machine. Its 100x faster for wirelessly backing up even with Mountain Lion. I do know when Apple changed time machine under Lion many 3rd party devices had issues getting time machine to work. Those issues have since been resolved, but I can't explain why they don't work as well as the time capsule.
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    This seems to happen with each OS upgrade. For a month or so after the update there are posts about people with various NAS devices waiting for updates to get Time Machine working again.

    Makes one hesitant to rely on these devices for Time Machine.
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    My WD NAS has not had any issues at all. If all you use it for is time machine it is nice. I personally would spend more money and get the Synology one if I were doing it over though.
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    I really like the Synology NAS for everything but the Time Machine backup (because of the upgrade to ML 10.8). I contacted Synology Support and they recommended the latest beta but others were saying they have problems with the beta as well. For me I prefer not using beta software for my NAS device because of the other reasons I use it. So, I decided to get a Time Capsule to be used for backups and also for a Wifi Access Point. I have zero problems with the Time Capsule. Again, the Synology NAS is a great machine for all of the other reasons I use it. And, maybe it is not there fault that ML 10.8 does not work with it.
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    Just to follow up on this - polaris20 was correct and ML wasn't connecting to my QNAP properly after the upgrade to ML. A firmware update from QNAP has now fixed the problem.
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    I too have had problems using TimeMachine. I was using Netgear's ReadyNAS Duo, and had problems with Lion and Mountain Lion. I got so frustrated, that I just went out and bought a TimeCapsule.

    I do backups from both wireless and ethernet devices, but the wireless ones were having the problems. I am guessing it is to do with disconnecting from the network in the middle of a backup or something like that.
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    Aww man, I'm so divided.

    Can Time Capsule be used well for NAS, Media Server (xbmc) and Remote Access?

    The most basic Synology setup for 2TB + DS 212 + wifi dongle with N/300Mbps will cost $350, but it's expandable with the addition of a whole plethora of options.

    It's $300/260 refurb for a 2TB Time Capsule...but might just crash and die down the road.

    I can't believe an Apple product has become the less expensive option.

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