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Time Machine Restore of 220GB data ?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by soamz, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Hi, I have a time machine backup of 220GB .

    I need to restore it to a new Macbook with a newly installed SSD.

    I connected the time machine and it says CALCULATING since 9 hours.

    Why is that ? How much time does it normally take to calculate 220GB of data ?

    Or is there is any other way to do this ?
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    I should not take that long.

    Walk me through a bit what you did? After you installed the SSD did you boot from the TM disk then use Disk Util to format? Then you tried to restore?

    What year Macbook is it? If it is 2010 or newer you can command-r boot to Internet recovery and get to a screen where you can format the disk and reinstall the OS. Then you can use the TM disk with Migration Assistant to bring in your user account and data.
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    1. Installed SSD. Installed OSX Lion to it.

    2. Its a Macbook 2009 version. Runs awesomely fast since I installed the SSD. But I just need the TM restore done and then I will be happy.

    3. Im using migration assistant and it says calculating since 9 hours.
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    I would suggest instead of going through migration assistant just do a normal time machine restore from backup.
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    I would quit and try again. Try using Disk Utility to repair the TM disk.
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    Forgot to add... do you still have the disk space on the sad to fit that 220 GB of data?
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    Yes enough space.

    And yes, apart from migration assistant, is there any other way to restore from a TM backup?
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    Krazy Bill

    You can select individual files/folders and copy them from your TM to any place on your SSD.

    I would actually recommend this method anyway since you're basically doing a clean install. The drawback is you'll have to reinstall 3rd party apps manually and reconfigure them all. (I don't consider this a drawback though as it contributes to the concept of a clean and pristine reinstallation of OSX).
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    Checked it. I dont think, any of those methods are going to work, except migration assistant.
    And TM doesnt allow you to copy system folders to restore manually.

    The only way I see is migration assistant doing it :(

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