Tiny iPod is top of the pops

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 25, 2004.

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    Over all a good article. It probably helps that they have a few Mac Ops working in the Herald, gave them a chance to have a play with the iPod rather than just write a crappy article about it based on what everyone else has said. Also helps that iPods are not yet such a big deal down here, although hopefully that is starting to change!:)
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    "The iPod, which costs between just under $500 and $870, is a bit bigger than a stack of playing cards, and not quite as thick. It's a computer hard drive in disguise. It has no moving parts."

    What?? No moving parts?? That statement can't be true because the hard drive is a moving part. So, if she's talking about how the scroll pad doesn't move anymore, then she should've said so. ;)

    Nice article otherwise.
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    That's what I thought too, when I read it.
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    I missed that bit. The only other bit I would disagree with would be the final paragraph where she says that the iPods wll probably eventually be consigned to the rubbish ...
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    LOL@ this person building up the iPod, just to diss it in the end. WTF

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