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tips for converting my old G4 to a server or external HD?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bcpursel, Oct 7, 2007.

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    can i connect and file share through any common connection? (like firewire) or does it need to be ethernet? as i haven't had the need to do it before, i have never gone through the process.

    i found the attached info on the web.

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    you can share internet through firewire, but as for filesharing, ethernet is the way to go. just set up a basic network and enable file sharing in "sharing" in "system preferences"
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    can i access all files and HD partitions, etc. from a filesharing setup, or are the two machines limited to sharing from one folder/drop box?
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    you'll have access to every drive if they are formatted correctly. My Sawtooth is packed with 4 drives (8 partitions) and I use it as an external via ethernet file sharing.
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    they are all formatted Journaled HFS+
    how can i tell if they are formatted correctly?

    so basically, all i have to do is connect the 2 machines via ethernet
    system preferences > sharing > personal file sharing (checked)

    and i will be able to see my G4 from my G5 like a mounted external HD?
    copy and delete files, open documents from the G4, etc?

    i also noticed another thread on this site. i guess if i had both machines hooked up to the internet, i'd be able to access the G4 via ftp or remote login? i don't think i'll end up going that route, but i was just curious.
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    J-HFS is fine,

    on the G4, yes, turn on personal file sharing in the sharing preferences (see attached image). note the computer's name in the top (use a dash for spaces. after the two are connected via ethernet, from the G5 finder, hit command-K, type either "G4 computer's name.local".

    connect to it using a the G4's admin's name and password

    you should have read/write on almost everything. If not, since you're logged in to it as an admin, you can change permissions if you need to.

    edit: Obviously the G4 will be headless. I like to run chicken of the VNC to control it remotely (i.e. use it as a fully functional computer, rendering etc. at the same time as a file server)

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