Tired of Searching: RAM for Powerbook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Flyinace2000, Mar 16, 2005.

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    Searched high and low.

    I want to add memory to my powerbook. I bought some K-Byte ram from Outpost for 149.99 (1gig) but it was faulty and i returned it.

    So where does everyone buy ram? I don't want to spend a fortune on it but i don't want to deal with Kernal panics and system stability issues.

    Outpost also has a 1gig stick of ram from Patriot. has anyone had good or bad experiances with them. I don't want to spend more then $200 on a gig. considering 512 costs about $100.
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    go to www.crucial.com

    From what i've heard (and i've heard quite a bit), its just about the best place around for ram. Great relyability, prices, and customer service.
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    Unless you have a PowerBook G4 1.25 GHz, in which case stay away. I had a very similar experience. I'm still looking for RAM that'll work properly on mine! For some reason this model is exceptionally picky about its RAM. In all other cases, I recommend crucial without hesitation.
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    Just out of interest...

    What alerted you to the fact that your ram was faulty? I've just upgraded my PB 867 12" to 640Mb RAM - it seems to work, would the system be totally f*&^$d if the RAM was faulty?

    I apologise for my ignorance.

    Thanks! Tom
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    You'd notice frequent lockups and applications crashing out for no apparent reason.

    You should run Memtest OSX. If you're terminal shy, look for an app called Rember, which is essentially a frontend.

    Yeah, I know this because I bought 2 sticks of the KByte ****. You don't want to know how much I'm going to have to drop on customs charges for that, both sticks returned thousands of errors. Once more: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY THE KBYTE MEMORY!

    The good news is, though, it doesn't usually break the rest of your machine. I took them out and my PB is running just fine again.
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    I had a bad stick of RAM for my iMac G5 recently, which only manifested itself when I tried to run streaming video. Everything else worked fine.

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    Bought a 1G stick from OWC
    about a month ago. No problems... :D
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    TrackPad Resolved (i hope)

    First off i would like to thank apple techs who work so fast. I sent in my laptop for repair on monday morning. I recieved my laptop back this afternoon (Wed). 3 days is impressive.

    The replaced my Top CS Mod Assy. Hopefully this will fix my sluggish and sometimes unresponsive trackpad. So far it has.
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    BTW that was suppose to be a new thread.

    Thanks for the recomendations everone
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    This is why I pony up and pay Apple for memory, expensive as it is -- it's less likely to have a freak problem and not be accepted by the computer. If there's some small distinction about what RAM will or will not work, they're 99% likely to be selling the kind that works.

    And if anything goes wrong, I know that the support will be good from personal experience.
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    While that is true 150 bucks over what others sell it for is a bit extreme. Thought even from my experiance you can't get the cheapest ram available for these things. You gotta realize that you are buying a $2k+ machine and should not cheap out on the ram. Almost like buying a sports car and putting cheap gas in it. It might run, but not very well.
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    Me too

    I bought 2 1G sticks from OWC, and they work flawlessly.
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    Uh, I have had excellent experiences with Kingston in all my macs. Used Kingston, in fact. Apple only warranties their memory for a short period of time, unlike Kingston, who give you lifetime.
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    Ok now here is the real question. OWC has a 512 stick for $70 and a 1gig stick for $199.

    Do i buy the 512 now (1 gig total) and see if i need more (1.5 or 2) in a year or do i buy the 1gig (1.5 total) and not have to upgrade again ever.
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    Kingmax 1g RAM

    I bought a 1G module for my powerbook 12" G4 from newegg for about
    $159 I think. Has worked flawlessly for 3 months now
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    Sorry, the brand was in my title.

    Found my invoice though. Here it is, again from Newegg:

    (Serial#: 0BZZS7040000233)


    I picked it up after somebody else on Macrumors gave it good marks.
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    I have been buying memory from www.coastmemory.com for years and have had excellent luck. THey have great service, quality RAM backed by lifetime warranties. They also buy old RAM so they can either send you the money or you can put it towards a purchase.
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    crucial. Except their 1 gig is expensive. Go for nething else.
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    I just bought this same exact RAM from NewEgg about 10 minutes ago. Cost me $160 shipped. What did it for me was that I read the reviews of people who installed this RAM in the same machine that I'm getting (1.67 GHz PowerBook). Everyone gave this RAM an excellent review.
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    I have this exact ram and it's superb. I also live less than 30 miles from newegg's shipping center...so I usually get stuff the next day!

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