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Tivo makes Home Media option into standard equipment

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 9, 2004.

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    I think the wrong article is linked. The linked article is from April 2003, when home media option was announced.

    Here's part of the email I received from Tivo today:

    So I guess there's no more $99 one-time fee for HMO any more.

    Unfortunately, Tivo still won't play AAC files streamed from a computer, so any music from the iTMS needs to be burned and then re-ripped to Mp3 in order to work with Tivo.

    Wonder if Airport Express had anything to do with this announcement.
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    Am I wrong to be upset that I paid the $99 and now they are giving it away. Should I be expecting a little something for the effort? I love the home media option but I feel like I just paid someone to be their beta tester.
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    I'm sure you won't be the only one who feels that way. You may want to keep an eye on the http://www.tivocommunity.com forums to see if Tivo ends up making any special offers to its HMO subscribers.

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