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    I've completely had it with Microsoft, and the change to get back to a child of NeXTstep has me hooked... I'm in the market for a PowerBook.

    Of the current models, only the 17" looks durable in terms of technical merit (no cache on 12", inferior memory bus on 15"), but I'm still hesitant with all of the rumors flying around.

    Ideally, I'd like to get this out of the way in the next couple of weeks? Any thoughts? Relative merits of upgrades versus usability of current 17" powerbook?
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    Judging from you situation, you could really benefit from waiting for the next round of updates. I'm sure there will be a big price cut on the current model once the speed bumped models come along. Or, if you choose, for the same price, you will see a big jump in performance. It might be a while, as in a month or 2, or 3, but I really have no idea.

    Good Luck

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    well, that helps (kind of)...

    I think something that would be helpful for me would be to know something about "good enough" in the context of the current offering -- what's the equivalent in terms of developer-type functionality (compilation, debugging, etc.) on an Intel platform?

    For instance, I'm currently running 1GHz P-IIIM with 1Gb of PC-133 RAM.
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    Paul --- I don't imagine that the BUS will change on the updates, just the processor, so splurging now wont be so bad

    I would recommend waiting (if you could manage it), but from the looks of it, we probably won't see new books until January (at least) and from there, it will take another month or so to ship out

    even if Apple does intro new PB's soon, it won't be until November that it ships out

    so if you need it now, then go for it!
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    i would say wait until the 16th this month when Apple Expo Paris will be on and see if any new PowerBooks are released. if not, then just go for one of the current 17" models, that's what i'm going to do. there has to be a limit to how long you're going to wait for new models.

    you don't want to end up like me. i sold my 667 TiBook in June and i'm still waiting for new models. :(
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    one of the bad consequences of following rumors, i suppose...
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    I bought a 17" Powerbook in May. I say buy now - do you really need the small amount of extra speed? The computer only becomes too slow if it will no longer do what you want. 1GHz G4 is fast enough for almost all apps.
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    Just remember, if you buy any computer today, and a faster model comes out tomorrow, it doesnt make the computer YOU bought any slower.

    Just remember that!
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    If you need it in a timely fashion, I would buy now. Once they announce new 'books there is likely to be a significant delay before they ship. You never know though...
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    I love how folks say "Wait.." and then complain about how long they've been waiting. Buy it tonight and live your life.. jeez.

    I've been learning flash for the past few weeks.. last night i was sitting on the floor in my front room, building flash animations, recording audio for them, exporting the animation as a quicktime, then importing it into iMovie and iDvd... all on my 17" powerbook and it works amazing. Browse on over to the "Powerbooks delayed again" thread and read a few posts... I assure you, my side of the fence is a LOT more fun. Buy it tonight.
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    i agree with ya. i am of the opinion of getting what you want, when you want and not looking back.

    a little while ago, my friend showed me a little slideshow he made with his cell phone camera and iMovie. unbelievable. it took me just over half a day to learn iMovie. it's wonderful and i spent three full days making fun slideshow... i want to learn flash later...

    but i digress.
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    yeah... ouch exactly. i should have got a new Mac after WWDC, but then i followed the rumors... so i haven't had a computer until yesterday when i hooked up one of our old computers. yeah, now i've got a Celeron 333, with 4MB VRAM, and a whole 90-something MB of RAM!!:p and it's even hooked up to a 17" CRT, although it is losing it's brightness and colour. :eek: but it's all OK, new PowerBooks will be here soon! :D
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    Just buy the sucker on Monday. That way, if any updates do come out on the 16th, you'll still be able to return your 17" and get the update. I got sick of waiting and bought a 15" and don't in the least regret it. The 17" is by far and away a better machine. Go for it.
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    OK -- everyone can stop. :) I bought a 17" G4 yesterday and am quite happy...
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    Whoo hoo, another ecstatic 17 inch powerbook owner :)
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    It'll be funny if the announce them on monday...
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    The way I see it, there is one prospective Powerbook purchaser that Apple is waiting to sucker out of his money before it releases the new PB's.

    And I mean, no refund, past the 30 days, sort of suckering. You'll be bitter, but the countless others who are waiting will be make a shrine for you, the sacrifice.

    So I think that if you want to buy a PB, buy a PB now, so that we can see whether you were the sacrifice that would appease Apple and keep them from withholding their 80 GHz G89 (that's also 80 GHz bus) PB.

    :D :D :D ;)
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    go ahaead and buy the new aluminum 15 powerbook. if portability is a selling point than the 17" sucks. the 15" is sexy enough and powerful enough for you if i read what you are currently running. bite the bullet and go with the 1.25. i promise you will be more than pleased.

    just my $0.02
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    I know you were trying to be helpful, but the last post to this thread was almost a full month ago, before the new PB's came out. My guess is he already has one or knows what he's doing.

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